Student Production Resources

Technical Theater Staff

Theater staff members manage and schedule Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre, and oversee technical needs and requirements for theaters in Adams House and Leverett House. They are available to advise and mentor students on all aspects of extracurricular theater production, as well as students enrolled in the Theater, Dance and Media concentration.

Technical Director for College Theater - Thomas P. Morgan
Tom oversees technical theater support in the undergraduate houses and Agassiz Theatre. He works closely with College Staff and other University departments in developing and outfitting spaces for performance use.

Production Coordinator, Agassiz and Farkas Hall - Dana Knox
Dana coordinates the application for use of Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre, oversees the process of applying for rights to present plays and musicals, and advises students in areas of producing, direction, stage management, house management and budgeting/funding, as well as guest artist requests.

Technical Supervisor, Farkas Hall (Theater, Dance & Media staff) - Andrew Gitchel
Andrew is the Technical Supervisor for the Theater, Dance and Media concentration which includes technical supervision of activity in Farkas Hall.

Assistant Technical Director, Agassiz Theatre - Elizabeth Dean
Liz is the Assistant Technical Director supervising and advising on the use of Agassiz Theatre, including the Horner Room and the Agassiz Shop.

Dance and Theater Production Technician - Joe Short
Joe is a technical associate supporting activity in venues throughout the College.

Collectively, the duties of the OFA Technical staff include but are not limited to:

  • Advising students and organizations in all aspects of theater administration including producing, directing, designing, house and stage management
  • Oversight/coordinatation of Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre operations including financial accounting, space reservation, staffing, and facilities
  • Instructing all student groups using the facilities to advise on policies and procedures
  • Assisting with marketing and promotion
  • Oversight and training students in the safe use of stage and shop equipment
  • Supporting the application process for student use of theatre spaces at Farkas Hall and the Agassiz
  • Supporting the Learning From Performers and Visiting Directors Programs and other OFA produced events
  • Interfacing and coordination with Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club

Technical Documents for Student Productions

Farkas Hall

Operations Safety Manual .pdf
Technical Specifications .pdf

Ground Plan 1/4" scale, Arch D .pdf
Ground Plan 1/4" scale, 11x17 .pdf

Agassiz Theatre

Technical Specifications .pdf

Theatre Ground Plan .pdf
Horner Room Plan .pdf 
Horner Room Section Right .pdf 
Horner Room Section Left .pdf


Apply one semester in advance of the proposed project date. For example, spring ‘16 projects apply during the fall '15 semester.