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The Harvard Dance Center opened in the fall of 2005. It is one of the primary performance venues for dance at Harvard. It houses the main Dance office and features two studios with sprung floors and performance amenities. Studio 1 is 3,500 square feet and converts to a theater space. Both studios are used for courses, artist residencies, classes and undergraduate dance company rehearsals and residencies. The Harvard Dance Center is accessible for individuals using wheelchairs. 

If you have questions or concerns about the Dance Center spaces, email the Dance Center staff.



***UPDATE AS 12/18/21:  There will be no in-person activities at Harvard Dance Center for the first three weeks of January 2022 in light of Harvard's recent announcement. The Dance staff will be working remotely and can answer any questions sent to in January. Studios will open again starting January 24, 2022.***

Harvard has implemented several new protocols for returning to campus amidst the ongoing pandemic. All Harvard community members on campus are required to be vaccinated, with limited exemptions for health or religious reasons. Face masks remain a requirement for all indoor activity, including all Dance Center activity. Physical distancing is no longer required for vaccinated individuals. And Harvard has implemented specific policies around visitors that relate to whether the visitor is on campus for 7 days or more.

The Dance Center is approaching its reopening with equal parts excitement and caution. Our intention is to welcome you back in the safest way possible via a phased reentry process that allows more space for those who need to physically distance themselves, that decreases density and possible exposure, and which also takes into account the increase of students on campus and our ever-growing dance community. Our hope is that curtailments and/or additional protocols may be eased as activities resume and we are able to assess the real-time landscape. The goal is to be safe, equitable, inclusive, responsive, and adaptive.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the guidelines and policies, and we welcome your input and feedback throughout the semester. Thank you for entering into the social contract of keeping our community safe and healthy.

We’re in this together!


The Harvard Dance Center will be open again for studio reservations on January 24, 2022. Please read the 2021-2022 Harvard Dance Center Handbook for information on how to reserve studio spaces and updated guidelines and policies. 

Agreement of Upholding the Dance Center Guidelines & Policies  

  • Please submit after thoroughly reading through the 2021-2022 Dance Center Handbook and before your first reservation.
  • Student-led dance groups must designate a representative, preferably a director or board member, who will be responsible for communicating and upholding the guidelines, as well as reporting back to the Dance staff ( any issues that arose.
  • Ad hoc reservations not affiliated with a student-led dance group must also designate a representative who will be responsible for communicating and upholding the guidelines during the use of the studio, as well as reporting back to Dance staff ( any issues that arose.


The Harvard Dance Center, located at 66 Garden St., has two studios, Studio 1 (main floor) and Studio 2 (downstairs), and a Green Room (downstairs). The studios have: mirrors (with sliding curtains for optional use), barres, sprung floor with marley; and pianos. There are two private gender neutral restrooms on the first floor and dressing rooms with multiple stalls on the second floor. The Green Room can also be reserved for small rehearsals, especially for dance practices that require specific footwear, like tap and ballroom shoes. 

The Director's Studio at the OFA main office is located at 74 Mt. Auburn Street. This studio has: mirrors, sound system, barres, sprung floor with marley, and an upright piano. There are two gender neutral restrooms that can be used as changing rooms at this location.

Hours Studios Are Open for Reservations 

Harvard Dance Center (Studio 1, Studio 2, and Green Room), 66 Garden St.

• Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-11:45pm

UDPATED: Director’s Studio at the OFA’s main office, 74 Mt. Auburn St.

• Monday-Thursday: 6:00pm-11:00pm

• Friday: 6:00pm-9pm

• Saturday: 9am-5:00pm

• Sunday: Noon-11:00pm

IMPORTANT: Please review our Staggered Schedule Policy (see page 5 of the 2021-2022 Harvard Dance Center Handbook before reserving space).

Updated Studio Capacity

To allow for more space between dancers and maximize safety, the Dance Center will be operating at an approximately 30% reduced capacity as part of its phased return to campus.

Our updated capacities per studio are as follows:

  • HDC Studio 1 - 55 max
  • HDC Studio 2 - 20 max
  • HDC Green Room - 15 max
  • HDC Conference Room - 8 max
  • OFA Director’s Studio - 15 max

Please see the 2021-2022 Harvard Dance Center Handbook for all guidelines, policies, and process for reserving studio spaces. 


The Dance Center’s main floor, housing Studio 1 and two all-gender restrooms, is wheelchair accessible. If you anticipate needing any other type of access to the building, please email for arrangements. Please note that the Director’s Studio at 74 Mt, Auburn st. is not wheelchair accessible. The Dance Staff is happy to talk to you or your group about practices for disability inclusion and access.


The Harvard Dance Center is a space where every student can be fully self-expressed without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe based on race, ethnicity, cultural background or tradition, biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or physical or mental ability; a space where the social contract supports each person's self-respect and dignity, and encourages everyone to respect others.

We are anti-racist and are actively challenging our own assumptions and biases as we work toward true equity for all. In that spirit, we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, bias, and intolerance of any kind from anyone in, associated with, or visiting the Harvard Dance Center in person or virtual spaces.

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