Welcome to the Office for the Arts!

Last updated January 27.


Is the Office for the Arts open?

Since early March, our office building at 74 Mt. Auburn Street has been closed due to Covid-19, in compliance with University directives. However, our staff has been working off-site to support student artmaking and engagement with the arts. During Spring 2021, some students are on campus and others are off campus. Wherever you are – Cambridge and any other place around the globe – the OFA is ready to support your artmaking.

Explore our website. Contact our staff.

For first-year students and all undergraduates, the OFA is ready to support your discovery of artmaking if you're new to it, and your extension of the artmaking you may already be doing. We want to hear from you!

Reach out to OFA Director Jack Megan.

Do you have virtual Office Hours?

Yes! We are holding several virtual Office Hours and Open Houses. If you have a more specific question, please contact our our staff.

Is the ARTS FIRST Festival happening?

Yes! ARTS FIRST, one of the nation's largest student arts festivals , took place virtually during Spring 2020. ARTS FIRST 2021 will take place April 19-30, 2021. Join us!

Reach out to Marin Orlosky, ARTS FIRST Coordinator.

During Covid-19, are there opportunities to meet with artists?

Yes! All visiting artists and Learning from Performer events will take place virtually. To stay informed, sign up for The Beat weekly emails.

Reach out to Alicia Anstead, Associate Director for Programming.

Will there still be dance master classes?

Yes! All student group activities, noncredit classes and visiting artists programming at the Dance Center will take place virtually.

Reach out to Elizabeth Epsen, Communications and Program Coordinator for Dance. 

I'm interested in a music subsidy, grant or a fellowship. What should I do?

We will be following University guidance regarding all international and domestic travel. Right now, travel is suspended. Still want to find out about possibilities or make a proposal?

Reach out to Stephanie Troisi, Student Coordinator.

Are classes still being held at the Ceramics Studio?

Classes are being held virtually at this time. Find out more about the lineup of world-class ceramics artists. 

Please reach out to Kathy King, Director of the OFA Ceramics Program.