Welcome to the Office for the Arts!

Last updated June 21


Is the Office for the Arts open?

Since early March 2020, our office building at 74 Mt. Auburn Street has been closed due to Covid-19, in compliance with University directives. However, our staff has been working off-site to support student artmaking and engagement with the arts. The University has invited all staff to return on Aug. 2, 2021, and we will be back onsite after that to resume meeting with students. Stand by for updates on procuedures governing the OFA and artmaking on campus in the near future. 

Explore our website. Contact our staff.

For first-year students and all undergraduates, the OFA is ready to support your discovery of artmaking at all levels. Want to start artmaking? Want to find out ways to work on your already honed skills? Is there an artist you'd like to suggest as a guest artist? We want to hear from you!

Reach out to OFA Director Jack Megan.

Do you have virtual Office Hours?

Our staff is availabe to you virtually during regular working hours – 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET – but please reach out any time. If you have a question, please contact our staff. We want to hear from you!

During Covid-19, are there opportunities to meet with artists?

Yes! All visiting artists and Learning from Performer events will take place virtually for the near future, although we expect to host in-person visiting artists very soon. The best news is: We had tremendous success with virtual conversations and workshops during the pandemic. To stay informed, sign up for The Beat weekly emails.

Reach out to Alicia Anstead, Associate Director for Programming.

Will there still be dance events and classes?

Yes! All student group activities and noncredit classes at the Dance Center will take place virtually.

Reach out to Elizabeth Epsen, Communications and Program Coordinator for Dance. 

I'm interested in a music subsidy, grant or a fellowship. What should I do?

The OFA has supported student art making throughout the pandemic via funding programs. We will continue to follow University guidance regarding live events/performances on campus as well as international travel. If you want to find out about possibilities or make a proposal, visit our funding page, and please be in touch with questions.

Reach out to Stephanie Troisi, Student Coordinator.

Are classes still being held at the Ceramics Studio?

Classes are being held virtually at this time. Find out more about the lineup of classes and visiting world-class ceramics artists

Please reach out to Kathy King, Director of the OFA Ceramics Program.