Previous Recipients

LOUIS SUDLER PRIZE (outstanding artistic talent and achievement)

1983: Daniel Dodd Wilson, Dunster House (visual arts)
1984: William Rauch, Adams House, theatre (director)
1985: Marc A. H. Lowenstein, Cabot House (music)
1986: Christopher Liam Moore, Lowell House (theater, actor)
1987: Marya Cohn, Adams House, theatre (director/actor)
1988: Morley Robertson, Mather House (music)
1989: Alan Gilbert, Adams House (music)
1990: Lucy Soutter, Adams House (visual arts)
1991: David Eggar, Mather House (theater, music)
1992: Amy Cabranes, North House, theatre (director)
1993: Richard Nash, Adams House, theatre (director, writer)
1994: Ariane Anthony, North House, dance (dancer, choreographer)
1995: Brad Rouse, Dunster House, theatre (director)
1996: Matt Haimovitz, Kirkland House, music (cellist)
1997: Matt Saunders, Adams House, VES, theatre (actor, director, visual artist)
1998: Sybil-Catherine Watkins, Winthrop House (dance)
1999: Mai'a K. Davis, Currier House (dance)
2000: Joseph Lin, Mather House, music (violin)
2001: Brett Egan, Lowell House (acting); Elizabeth Waterhouse, Eliot House (dance)
2002: Christopher Hossfeld, Leverett House (music); Cary McClelland, affiliate of Pforzheimer House (theater); Jeff Sheng, Eliot House, visual arts (photography)
2003: Hazel Davis, Cabot House (music); Roberto "Pacho" Velez, affiliate of Adams House (visual arts/filmmaking)
2004: Anthony Cheung, Winthrop House (composition)
2005: Michael M. Donahue, Adams House (theatre); David Mahfouda, Dudley House, visual arts (performance art)
2006: Melissa Goldman, Mather House, theater (set designer); Han Yu, affiliate of Dudley House, visual arts (installation art)
2007: Stefan Jackiw, Leverett House, music (violin)
2008: Bong Ihn Koh, Cabot House, music (cello); Elizabeth Lim, Cabot House, music (composer)
2009: Calla Videt, Dudley House, theater (director)
2010: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Dunster House, theater (actor)
2011: Charlie Albright, Leverett House (piano)
2012: Matthew Aucoin, Kirkland House (composer, conductor, music director, poet)
2013: Keir GoGwilt, Adams House (violin)
2014: Liv Redpath, Pforzheimer House (singer)
2015: Chase Morrin, Quincy House (composer and jazz pianist)
2016: Alistair Debling, Adams House (director, installation artist)
2017: Alexander (Sasha) Scolnik-Brower, Winthrop House (musician, conductor)
2018: George Li, Winthrop House (pianist)
2019: Chloe Brooks, Quincy House (actor)
2020: Anna Lee, Lowell House (violinist and singer); George Liu, Adams House (visual arts)
2021: Joy Nesbitt, Leverett House (theater, music director); Eli Zuzovsky, Dudley Co-Op (director/writer (flim/theater))
2022: Julia Riew, Lowell House (musical theater composer-lyricist-librettist, actor); Benjamin Perry Wenzelberg, Leverette House (conductor, vocalist, composer, pianist)


1985: Christopher L. Moore, Lowell House
1986: Benjamin Evett, Currier House
1987: Jonathan Tolins, Dunster House
1988: Chad Raphael, Adams House
1989: Daniel Zelman, North House
1990: Anthony Hatch; Pier Carlo Talenti, both of Dunster House
1991: Donivan Barton, North House; China Forbes, Adams House
1992: Eisa Davis, Adams House
1993: Faith Salie, Dunster House
1994: Jessica Walling, Eliot House
1995: Winsome Brown, Adams House
1996: Colin Stokes, Adams House; Jessica Fortunato, non-res.
1997: Dan Goor, Eliot House
1998: Paul Siemens, Dunster House
1999: Lucia Brawley, Eliot House
2000: Marisa Echeverria, Adams House
2001: James Carmichael, Adams House
2002: Emily Knapp '03, Leverett House
2004: Geordie Broadwater, Eliot House
2005: Robert (Bobby) Hodgson, Adams House
2006: Liam Martin, Kirkland House
2007: Joshua Brenner, Currier House; Michael Hoagland, Eliot House
2008: Sophie Kargman, Adams House
2009: Jonah Priour, Dunster House; Sarah Sherman, Kirkland House
2010: Carolyn Holding, Leverett House; Talisa Friedman, Dunster House
2012: Ryan Halprin, Lowell House
2013: Emily Hyman, Pforzheimer House
2014: Bryan Kauder, Kirkland House
2015: Laura Trosser, Mather House
2016: Max McGillivray, Dunster House
2017: Juliana Sass, Dunster House
2018: Chloe Brooks '19, Quincy House
2019: Jacob Roberts, Lowell House
2020: Celia Kenney, Adams House; Julius JZ Wade, Pforzheimer House
2021: Ruva Chigwedere, Mather House
2022: Shirley Chen, Quincy House


1990: Jacqueline Sloan, Adams House (producer)
1991: Jennifer Giering, Dunster House (composer and performer)
1992: Teresa Marrin, Lowell House (conductor)
1993: Sarah Hicks, Winthrop House (music director)
1994: Catherine Zipf, Winthrop House (theatre tech)
1995: Susanna Witt, Winthrop House (theatre tech and producer)
1996: Jill Weitzner, Adams House (performer, board member, theatre tech)
1997: Kate deLima, Cabot House (actor, producer, theatre tech)
1998: Catherine Ingman, Leverett House (actor and director)
1999: Jessica Jackson, Mather House (actor, director, costume design)
2000: Sara Yellen, Leverett House (actor, director)
2001: James Augustine, Winthrop House (actor, director, dancer, choreographer)
2002: Sara Heller, Eliot House (choreographer, director, theatre tech); Sarah Meyers, Adams House (actor, choreographer, director, board member)
2003: Shelby Braxton-Brooks, Mather House (actor, dancer, choreographer, director)
2004: Christina Shelby, Eliot House (dancer)
2005: Johanna (Jojo) Karlin, Adams House (actor, producer, board member, business manager, theater tech)
2006: Michael Mitnick, Currier House (composer)
2007: Mark Musico, Quincy House (conductor, music director)
2008: Arlo Hill, Winthrop House (actor)
2009: Rachel Flynn, Quincy House (actress)
2010: Christine Bendorf, Quincy House (actor, board member, producer, director); Jordan Reddout, Quincy House (actor & director)
2011: Bridget Haile, Pforzheimer House (actress, behind-the-scenes)
2012: Stewart Kramer, Mather House (actor/director in opera, musical theater)
2013: Benjamin Moss, Lowell House (actor/composer)
2014: Madeleine Smith, Lowell House (music director, composer)
2015: Elizabeth Leimkuhler, Dunster House (actress and operatic performer)
2016: Olivia Miller, Cabot House (actor)
2017: Jake Stepansky, Quincy House (director, technician, designer)
2018: Brian Ge, Mather House (music director)
2019: Ashley LaLonde, Adams House (actor)
2020: Julia Riew, Lowell House (composer/lyricist, playwright, music director, performer)
2021: Harry Sage, Winthrop House (composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, singer); Elle Shaheen, Leverett House (actor)
2022: Rachel Share-Sapolsky, Quincy House, (actor)

LOUISE DONOVAN AWARD ("behind-the-scenes" work)

1997: Hilary Snow, Adams House (theatre tech)
1998: Helen Shaw, Lowell House (set design, HRDC President)
1999: Colleen McGuiness (director); Sam Speedie ( director/producer), both of Cabot House
2000: John Baxindine, Eliot House (music director, accompanist) and David Levy, Adams House (producer, director, writer)
2001: R David Salvage, Quincy House, (music)
2002: Kate Agresta, Cabot House (theater); Marvin Pittman, Pforzheimer House (producer, Black Arts Festival, opera, Pforzheimer House Music Society)
2003: Dan Cozzens (theater administrator/producer) & Elizabeth Little (set designer, producer, board member), Winthrop House
2004: Grace Catenacio, Adams House (visual arts producer, curator), Ben Margo, Currier House (theater administrator/producer) & Peyton Sherwood, Adams House, (theater tech/administrator)
2005: Karina Mangu-Ward (theater tech/administrator, producer)
2006: Zoe Savitsky, Kirkland House (theater producer/assistant director/publicity coordinator/designer)
2007: Blase Ur (theater tech/administrator)
2008: David Jewett (theater tech/producer) & Kara Kaufman, Quincy House (theater administrator/producer, stage manager)
2009: Ben Clark, Adams House (technical director); David Tischfield, Leverett House (producer, instructor, project manager - ceramics)
2010: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Mather House (lighting design, theater tech)
2011: Liz Krane, Kirkland House (theater producer, stage manager, set designer, technical director, props manager, choreographer, house manager, box office manager, assistant designer, and advisor)
2012: Danielle Drees, Leverett House (producer, stage manager, dramaturg, administrator); Elizabeth Mak, Cabot House (lighting designer, dance/theater, technician)
2013: Xi (CiCi) Yu, Pforzheimer House (choreographer, stage manager, producer, technical designer)
2014: Madeleine Bersin, Adams House (producer, stage manager, director, designer)
2015: Alexandra Kiley, Winthrop House (director, producer, light designer, actor, production assistant, venue manager, choreography intern)
2016: Garrett Allen, Mather House (director, technician)
2017: Trevor Mullin, Mather House (set designer, producer)
2018: Madison Deming, Quincy House (producer, director, actor)
2018: Darius Johnson, Adams House (writer, producer, stage manager)
2018: Eliza Mantz, Leverett House (actor, director)
2019: Inaara Shiraz, Eliot House (producer, technical director, administrator)
2020: Aaron Olkin, Lowell House (designer, producer, and technician)
2021: Nivi Ravi, Leverett House (producer, administrator)
2022: Serena Chen, Pforzheimer House, (designer, technician, administrator)


2005: Rebecca Alaly, Mather House (dancer, choreographer)
2006: Marie (Molly) Altenburg, Eliot House (dancer)
2007: Larissa Koch, Eliot House (dancer, choreographer)
2008: Claudia Schreier, Adams House, (dancer, choreographer)
2009: Lauren Chin, Eliot House (dancer)
2010: James Fuller, Mather House (dancer)
2011: Kevin Shee, Winthrop House (dancer); Elizabeth Walker, Eliot House (dancer)
2012: Merrit Moore, Eliot House (dancer)
2013: Irineo Cabreros, Pforzheimer House (dancer/choreographer); Shayna Skal, Quincy House (dancer)
2014: Melanie Comeau, Quincy House (dancer)
2015: Julia Cataldo, Winthrop House (director, choreographer, dancer); Hannah Firestone ‘16, Dunster House (director, producer, dancer)
2016: Tessa Markewich, Dunster House (dancer)
2017: Ileana (Lily) Riveron, Dunster House (dancer, choreographer); Talia Rothstein, Dudley House (dancer, choreographer)
2018: Julia DeAngelo, Leverett House (dancer, choreographer)
2019: Anna Antongiorgi, Winthrop House (dancer, choreographer); Tiffany Lau, Eliot House (dancer, choreographer)
2020: Margaret Canaday, Leverette House (dancer, choreographer, director); Mara Milner, Wintrhop House (dancer, director and producer)
2021: Yuri-Grace Ohashi, Cabot House (dancer, choreographer, director); Noah Ramos, Cabot House (dancer, choreographer and producer)
2022: Anne Lheem, Elliot house (dancer, choreographer)


2007: Nicole Salazar, Dudley House (painting, animaiton, non-fiction filmmaking)
2008: Alexandra Hays, Quincy House, (installation and video art); James Powers, Adams House (painting, illustrations)
2009: Grace Laubacher, Quincy House (stage design)
2010: Lillian (Lily) Fang, Quincy House (animation)
2011: Julia Rooney (studio art), Mather House; Katherine Tygielski (film/video) , Dudley House
2012: Sara Stern, Lowell House (mixed media)
2013: Madelynne Hays, Cabot House (set design); Oliver Luo, Cabot House (animation)
2014: Brooke Griffin, Dudley House (animation/film)
2015: Ashleigh Cote, Adams House (animation)
2016: William Orman, Kirkland House (sculptor, installation artist); Renee Zhan, Leverett House (animator, illustrator)
2017: Eriko Kay, Kirkland House (diverse media)
2018: Ariana Chaivaranon, Adams House (painter)
2018: Stergios Dinopoulos, Dudley House (filmmaker)
2019: Lance Oppenheim, Adams House (filmmaker)
2020: Hope Green, Eliot House (artist, filmaker); Memie Osuga, Adams House (animation)
2021: Dani Pérez, Leverett House (photography, videography and arts educator)
2022: Treasure Brooks, Winthrop House (multimedia, performance and installation artist); Tiff Rekem, Dudley Co-op (filmmaker, cinematographer, editor, writer, and curator)


2009: Grace Laubacher, Quincy House (stage design)
2010: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Mather House, (lighting design, theater tech)
2011: Garrett McEntee (technical director)
2012: Brenda Lin, Lowell House (technical designer/director)
2013: Matthew Warner, Quincy House (set/lighting design, theater tech)
2014: Ethan Addicott, Quincy House (lighting design, theater tech)
2015: Christopher Marks, Cabot House (technical director/advisor); Christina Rodriguez, Cabot House (scenic designer/master painter)
2016: Trevor Mullin, Mather House (set designer, producer)
2017: Kathleen (Kat) Zhou, Mather House (director, producer, stage manager, lighting and costume designer)
2018: Catherine Polik, Eliot House (technical director)
2019: Gabrielle Preston, Dudley House (scenic designer, technical producer)
2020: Sabrina Richert, Currier House (set designer, set advisor, paint charge, producer and assistant technical director)
2021: Jonathan Castillo, Adams House (technical director, producer)
2022: Serena Chen, Pforzheimer House, (designer, technician, administrator)

ROBERT E. LEVI PRIZE (Arts Administration)

2012: Anh Le, Mather House (tour manager, stage manager, producer)
2013: Eleanor Regan, Adams House (producer, stage manager)
2014: Simon de Carvalho, Mather House (theater producer); David Manella, Mather House (theater producer)
2015: Samuel Moore, Winthrop House (theater producer)
2016: Magdalene Zier, Quincy House (producer, stage manager, costume designer)
2017: Aislinn Brophy, Quincy House (director, arts administration)
2018: Emily Bergquist, Adams House (technical director, producer)
2019: Sherry Gao, Currier House (stage manager, producer); Claire Rivkin, Adams House (stage manager, administrator)
2020: Anisa Ahmed, Kirkland House (producer, stage manager, designer and administrator); Gabrielle Preston, Dudley House (director, producer, technical director, administrator, performer)
2021: Mikaela Ritchie, Currier House (administrator, performer, radio producer/manager); Abigail Sage, Adams House (stage management, producer, administrator)
2022: Dara Badon, Mather House (administrator, manager, producer, arts education); Madi Fabber, Winthrop House (administrator, manager, producer, designer, writer, dramaturg)


2015: Stella Chen, Kirkland House (violinist)
2016: Alexander Beyer, Winthrop House (pianist); Joshuah Campbell, Pforzheimer House (vocalist)
2017: Emma Frucht, Winthrop House (violinist); Sam Wu, Adams House (composer, conductor)
2018: Eden Girma, Dudley House (vocalist)
2019: Claire Dickson, Dudley Co-Op (vocalist, composer); Brian Zhao, Cabot House (cellist)
2020: Alexander "Sasha" Yakub, Currier House (violinist)
2021: Martin Bernstein, Dudley Co-Op (baroque recorder); Tony Yang,  Currier House (pianist)
2022: Andrew Li, Dunster House (pianist)


2020: Aish Lovett (Visual Arts), Adams House; Miranda Mize (Musical Theater), Leverett House; and Daniel Rivera (Dance), Adams House

2021: Devonne Pitts, Leverett House

2014: Bex Kwan, Dudley House

CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION (on behalf of the Harvard Council on the Arts)
1990: Mireya Nadal-Vicens, Mather House

OFFICE FOR THE ARTS PRIZE (on behalf of the Council on the Arts at Harvard)
1988: John Lesher, Dunster House and Diane Paulus, Cabot House