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Music Teacher Reference Guide

The online Music Teacher Reference Listing is administered by the Office for the Arts to help Harvard students find opportunities to study music. Although Harvard University does not have its own staff of music instructors, the Cambridge/Boston area has many qualified teachers. The listing provides names of local instructors who have expressed interest in teaching Harvard students. Information includes rates, location and brief biographical notes. Students are responsible for contacting instructors to verify lesson plans and costs. If you have any questions or need assistance with searching for music teachers, please reach out to Stephanie Troisi.

When using this listing, please remember the following:

  • Use this listing as an initial step in searching for a private music instructor. However, note that this is not a complete list of the many qualified instructors that teach in the area. You can also visit local conservatory and music school links we’ve provided (see below) for further information on possible instructors.
  • Unless noted in their biographical information, instructors listed are not employed, are not faculty of, nor have received any official endorsement to teach by Harvard University.
  • If you have received a Music Lesson Subsidy from the Office for the Arts, you are NOT required to take lessons from the listed instructors should you already have an instructor or find another not represented on the online listing.

When choosing an instructor, remember to:

  • Contact instructors of interest as soon as possible. Lesson scheduling can sometimes prove challenging.
  • Ask for credentials, their teaching philosophy and scheduling flexibility. Be prepared to discuss with instructors your available time commitment based on your course and extra-curricular schedule.
  • Use instructors as a resource for other instructor recommendations. If you find that the instructor you initially contact will not work out for you, they many be able to refer other instructors that may be more suitable.
  • Contact Mark Olson, Director of Harvard Band and Wind Ensemble if you are a jazz musician looking for further references.

Other Resources: Music Schools and Institutes (and their instructors): New England Conservatory | Berklee College of Music | Cambridge Music Consortium | Boston Conservatory | Boston University School of Music | Cambridge Piano | Altschuler Summer Music Institute 

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