Man with baseball hat and beard looks directly at the camera with a small smile. Switches from a sound booth are behind him.

Jon Gonda

Production Manager for Dance

Jon Gonda is a freelance lighting designer, programmer, and production manager based in Boston, MA. He studied computer science and electrical engineering...

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Black and white photo of an Asian/Russian woman with long straight hair and wearing a v-neck blouse. She smiles warmly at the camera.

Yulia Yun

Ballet Accompanist

Uzbekistanian-born Yulia Yun is a graduate of the Uspensky Special Music School for Gifted Children in Tashkent where she majored in music theory,...

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A close-up headshot of an Asian American man looking intensely at the camera. He has short black hair that falls over his forehead. Black backround.

John Lam


John Lam began dancing at the age of four at the Marin Ballet in San Rafael, CA. He rose quickly through the ranks...

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Close-up of a woman with brown wavy hair and brown eyes looking directly at the camera and smiling.

Lonnie Stanton

Ballet; Contemporary; Conditioning: Strength & Stretch

For the last decade, Lonnie Stanton has been committed to dance education with a strong somatic focus as well as a professional contemporary performance...

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Close-up of a fair-skinned Latinx woman with brunette bangs and wavy blonde hair. She has winged eye liner and looks downward toward the camera with a powerful look.

Laura Rodriguez

Lecturer in Dance, Theater, Dance & Media
Latinx Fusion

Laura Rodriguez, known as LROD (el rod) is a Chicanx from El Paso and the Tex-Mex borderlands recognized as a radical choreographer, performance artist,...

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