Hip Hop





Level: All levels
Instructor: Aysha Upchurch
Informally titled “Groovology,” this class will focus on the groove and bounce so important to Hip Hop and Street Dance. From a basic two step to new party/social dances, play with and understand musicality, groundedness, and improvisation -- essential ingredients to Hip Hop dance's swag (in its Africanist aesthetic lineage). We will travel from funk to R&B, old school to new school Hip Hop, and other styles of popular music to develop and push our musical ear and body so they can embrace groove confidently. Each class include a conditioning warm-up, spotlight on a groove, and short combinations to sharpen sequencing/choreography skills. (Please note that commercial choreography is not a central component of class, though short routines will help students gain building blocks to help them pick up sequences and define their own style.)
Day/Time: T,  7-8pm ET
What you’ll need: A minimum cleared space of 3’x3’ of hard flooring. 
Suggested attire: Something comfortable to move in, e.g. dance/yoga/workout wear. Bare feet or sneakers recommended.... Read more about Hip Hop