Akili Jamal Haynes

Akili Jamal Haynes

Contemporary and West African Accompanist
A Black man with long dreadlocks and mustache and wearing a white garment is looking downwards in concentration.

Akili Jamal Haynes is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who began his career at age 15 as a trombonist under the mentorship of Wynton Marsalis. Haynes currently performs with several ensembles and has participated on several recordings as a trombonist, composer, trumpeter, keyboardist, vocalist, tenor saxophonist, alto saxophonist, bass clarinetist, and acoustic bassist. He has served as research assistant, and arranger to Kimati Dinizulu, for music performed for Alvin Ailey Dance Theater under the direction of Judith Jamison. 

Haynes served as Director of Woodwinds & Brass in the New England Conservatory of Music’s Preparatory and Continuing Education School, and taught there for more than 14 years. He is also an Accompanist at Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, and Curry College Dance Departments, as well as with Prometheus Dance Company before they closed in 2019. Haynes serves as the Chair of the Percussion & Popular Music Department at the Community Music Center of Boston. He also creates and performs in his own multi-media work Becoming Chibuzo and Chibuzo Dunun.

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Instagram: @becomingchibuzo