Andrew Castañeda Artist In Residence Demonstration with Anna Graef and John Domenico

stacked hunks of unfired kneaded clay with a matte red glazed folded bowl shaped vessel balanced on top, arranged on a black fabric backdropSaturday, August 20, 2022

10am - 4pm
Free and open to the public, but space is limited and registration is required.

Related Exhibition: This demonstration is part of Andrew Castañeda's 2021-22 Artist In Residence exhibition, ARC Presents: Lucky PencilThe demonstration will be followed by a reception in Gallery 224 from 5-7pm.

Andrew Castañeda started demonstrating on a skateboard for neighborhood kids in Costa Mesa. This time, Andrew reunites with John Domenico and Anna Graef at Harvard Ceramics for six hours of working in-and-out of clay. This particular trifecta met at Pennsylvania State University in 2018. Always learning from each other, each will share their approaches to making– from miniscule to monumental, opposable thumbs to circle machine, sculpting the physical to confecting with light. Be there.

Demonstration & reception are free and open to the public, but registration is required.


Andrew Castañeda Bio

From mailbox firework hooligan to Eagle Scout, Andrew grew up surfing and skateboarding in sunny southern California. Andrew is constantly analyzing the symbols that construct the world around him. Decoding information allows him to reconstruct his own symbologies, telling his own stories. While he fully embraces the spontaneity of life as an artist, he is also a true Virgo. Andrew has work in two private collections: The American Museum of Ceramic Arts at Pomona, CA and the Kansas City Art Institute Teaching Collection. Andrew earned his BFA in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute, and then his MFA from Penn State University.

Anna Graef Bio

Anna is curious about the spaces and modalities in which she operates, and how they overlap. Anna was selected as an ASPN resident at Red Lodge Clay Center last summer, and work exchanged at Harvard Ceramics this past year. Anna earned her BFA in Ceramics from Pennsylvania State University, and will join CU Boulder’s Ceramic MFA program this fall.

John Domenico Bio

John Domenico is an artist and founder of La Serra Collective – a nonprofit in Denver, Colorado focused around art accessibility. With a background in both art and materials science, much of his work explores the nuanced and expansive ways art can and does shape our human experience.

collage of artwork by Andrew Castañeda, Anna Graef, and John Domenico
Above, left to right: Andrew Castañeda; sculpture by John Domenico; sculpture by Anna Graef.