Student Public Art Projects (2018)


Plug-In House / The Silver Room 

April 26 – 29
Artist talk Saturday 4 PM
by James Shen and Eric Williams, GSD Loeb Fellows ‘18
LOCATION: Tercentenary Theatre 

The student-built Plug-In House proposes a modest and sustainable solution to urban housing shortages.  Chicago's The Silver Room hosts varied cultural events inside the House to explore and celebrate place-making. 

The Ouroboros Project 

April 26 – 29
Artist talk Saturday 2 PM 
by Shuang Liang GSD ‘18 
LOCATION: Harvard Yard, near Mass Hall 

The well-known symbol of the eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation, realized in contemporary construction materials, invites reflection on consumption and material culture. 


April 26 – 29
Artist talk Saturday 3 PM 
by Christina Shivers GSD '22 
LOCATION: Harvard Yard, in front of Holworthy 

This colorful and deceptively simple sculptural installation explores subtle shifts between opacity and transparency. 

Urban Amoeba 

April 26 – 29
Artist talk Saturday 1 PM 
by Victor Chohao Wu GSD '19, Kevin Fu GSD ’19, Zheng Yu Yang GSD ’19, Harry Lee GSD ’19 
Lehman Hall/Dudley House Plaza 

The incongruous recreation of one of Earth's oldest organisms questions the impact of climate change and invasive species. 

Di-versity, Uni-versity 

April 26 – 29
Artist talk Saturday 3 PM 
by Daniel Shieh GSD ‘19 
Tercentenary Theatre, between Widener Library and Emerson 

This interactive installation invites reflection on the challenge and import of building and maintaining a diverse academic community.