Student-Led Groups

While this list is current as of August 2018, groups change leadership throughout the academic year. If you have difficulty contacting any of the groups on this list, please contact the Office for the Arts for assistance: 617.495.8683 or

Group Name Contact Info
An Evening With Champions
A public charity non-profit committee dedicated to fighting cancer through an exhibition featuring national and Olympic figure skaters.
Arts In Education
A lecture and performance series open to the public. Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Asian American Dance Troupe
Undergraduate dance organization focusing on Asian and Asian American dance and culture.
Bach Society Orchestra
Undergraduate, student-conducted chamber orchestra exploring repertoire from baroque to contemporary.
Undergraduate drama organization focusing on African American theater.
Brattle Street Chamber Players
Undergraduate string ensemble which rehearses and performs without a conductor.
Candela Dance Troupe
Undergraduate Latino dance troupe.
Chinese Music Ensemble
Undergraduate music ensemble specializing in Chinese music ranging from traditional to contemporary, student-composed pieces.
'Cliffe Notes
A Cappella subset of the Radcliffe Choral Society
Concilio Latino de Harvard
A University-wide "umbrella" organization for all the Latino/Latin American performing, political, social, cultural, and publication groups on campus.

At Convrgency: Harvard College Virtual Reality, we believe in VR as a unique and essential space for creative development. By giving the leading creative and technological minds access and understanding to transformative VR technology, we will be able to not only create our own content and advances in this new form, but also transform the way our peers interact with VR.
Daily newspaper.
Crimson Dance Team
Undergraduate competitive athletic dance group.
Dudley House Orchestra
Affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Dudley Orchestra is dedicated to the practice, promotion, and performance of classical music at Harvard University and for the broader Cambridge community.
A bi-annual artistic science journal.
Eleganza highlights diversity and charity; our purpose is to showcase the diversity of our student body through fashion and performance at our annual show over Visitas weekend. Throughout the year, we support Boston’s Center for Teen Empowerment through mentorship, and we ultimately donate all proceeds from the show to this local charity.
Expressions Dance Company 
Undergraduate dance company focused on hip-hop dance.
Fallen Angels
All-female contemporary a cappella group.
Freshman Arts Program (FAP)
Introductory program in the arts for incoming freshmen, held the week prior to Freshman Week.
Friends of Project Sunshine
Student group partnering with Project Sunshine to bring recreational, educational, and social services programming to children facing medical challenges and their families.
Fuerza Latina
Pan-Latino organization at Harvard

Harvard's East Asian a Cappella group focused on contemporary pop music
Glee Club Lite
All-male A Cappella Subset of the Harvard Glee Club
GSAS Dudley House Choir
The Dudley House Choir is a mixed-voice ensemble primarily made up of students from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
GSAS Dudley Jazz Band
Dudley House has a small and a large ensemble, and several performances throughout the semester.
GSAS Dudley World Music Ensemble
The World Music Ensemble at Harvard University is a collective of musicians committed to exploring music beyond the Euro-American tradition through (re)arranging, composing, and performing music and sound that draw on various national, regional, and local musical cultures.
GSAS Harvard Visual China
Dedicated to promoting Chinese and broader East Asian visual culture (painting, architecture, film, photography, design) at Harvard.
GSAS Voice Lab
Premiere graduate a cappella group, providing a unique opportunity for graduate students to come together, sing and entertain the graduate school and the broader Harvard community.
With regular screenings and conversation, filmGSD intends to explore the relationship between film and architecture and the significance of visual media to architectural discourse.
GSD fortyK (formerly Kirkland Gallery)
A Student Run Alternative Space for student’s work that is influenced by the conversations, dilemmas, and critical thinking inherent to contemporary design practice.
GSD Music Band
The GSD Music Band student group provides a space for GSD students to share their passion for playing music. All instruments, levels and musical genres are welcome!
GSD Poetry
GSD Poetry exists to promote poetry within the GSD and encourage fellow students to share and workshop their work.
GSDANCE connects the GSD community through the medium of dance. It is open to all members of the GSD and provides a space of inclusion free of competition or judgment.

GSDJ aims to create a collective for the musically inclined portion of the student body with a focus on contemporary trends in electronic music.
GSE DuBois Orchestra
The Du Bois Orchestra at Harvard is an advanced chamber orchestra founded in 2015 by Harvard graduate students. It seeks to make music a means of overcoming social exclusion.
GSE Hip Hop Education Initiative 
Hip Hop Education Initiative is a student organization at HGSE aimed to foster learning and exchange for those interested in exploring hip hop education.
GSE Project Zero
Project Zero was founded by the philosopher Nelson Goodman at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1967 to study and improve education in the arts.
HAND (House and Neighborhood Development)
Program involving Harvard students in public service projects throughout the Cambridge and Greater Boston communities.
Undergraduate community service organization, affiliated with PBHA, bringing music to local elementary and high school students through private lessons.
Harvard Advocate
Undergraduate quarterly art and literary magazine.
Harvard African Students Association (HASA)
Undergraduate organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent.
Harvard Anime Society
Organization for the discussion of the Japanese animation medium
Harvard Art Museum Student Guides
Student Guides offer tours of the museums for university and community audiences draw on scholarship and practice from multiple fields of knowledge, including curatorial practice, artistic practice, art history, conservation science, and social sciences.
Harvard Art Museums Undergraduate Connection
The Harvard Art Museums Undergraduate Connection (HAMUC) is committed to making Harvard’s collection of art more accessible to the undergraduate community.
Harvard Art Museums Undergraduate Student Board
The Student Board works to deepen and sustain involvement of Harvard students of all backgrounds with the museums, and helps to share our resources, spaces, programs, and student opportunities on campus.
Harvard Ballet Company
Undergraduate ballet company.
Harvard Ballroom Dance Team
Undergraduate competitive ballroom dance organization.
Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra
Undergraduate orchestra emphasizing historical performance practice of Renaissance to classical repertoire.
Harvard Bhangra
Group that practices the dance form of Bhangra.
Harvard Black Men's Forum
A group that provides a forum for discussion and action on issues pertinent to Harvard undergraduate black males.
Harvard Black Students Association
Harvard Book Review
Undergraduate book review.
Harvard Breakers Organization
Student dance organization dedicated to learning and performing different forms of street dance.
Harvard Callbacks
Undergraduate award-winning mixed a cappella group performing a diverse repertoire of music.
Harvard Capoeira Regional
The purpose of the Harvard Capoeira Regional Club is to promote physical fitness and to spread cultural knowledge of the Brazilian tradition of capoeira and the music that accompanies this martial art. Harvard Capoeira Regional also participates in cultural events at Harvard such as Cultural Rhythms and Fuerza Latina.
Harvard CityStep
Undergraduate community service dance organization.
Harvard Classical Club
Appreciation club for the Classics that puts on an annual spring drama.
Harvard College Children's Stories
Helps creatively engage underserved children locally and abroad.
Harvard College Deepam
Organization performing shows of Indian classical dance
Harvard College Electronic Music Collective
The Harvard College Electronic Music Collective would like to give people the ability to showcase their music and DJing skills, hold workshops, and provide a collaborative and supportive environment.
Harvard College Film Festival
The Harvard College Film Festival is the first ever film festival run by Harvard students. The film festival provides students across the globe with an opportunity to create and submit films to be screened, judged by a well-acclaimed panel, and awarded for creative excellence and powerful perspective. The Harvard College Film Festival seeks to strengthen the student film community and to provide a dialogue amongst a network of creative and innovative artists through emphasizing the importance and power of storytelling.
Harvard College KeyChange
Harvard College Manifesta Magazine
Manifesta is currently the only feminist publication written, edited, and produced by Harvard undergraduates. We seek to bridge the gap between feminist discourse and action through the publication of an online magazine and hosting of feminist events around campus.
Harvard College Medical Humanities Forum
HCMHF strives to foster a community in which undergraduates who are interested in the intersection between medicine and the humanities can collectively explore their academic interests and passions.
Harvard College Middle Eastern Dance Company
Group dedicated to the practice and performance of Middle Eastern dance, also called belly dance.
Harvard College Musical Theater
Harvard College Musical Theater aims to support and promote musical theater on campus.
Harvard College Opera
Harvard College Opera Society (formerly Dunster House Opera Society) was founded by Dunster House students in 1992 and is open to all undergraduates. We are an entirely undergraduate organization whose goal is to provide the Harvard community with exposure to opera, as both a valuable art form and an accessible, enjoyable form of entertainment.
Harvard College Photography Club 
Artistic Community for Photographers
Harvard College Pop Culture Club
An online magazine about pop culture.
Harvard College Raftaar
Undergraduate dance and South Asian cultural organization (formerly South Asian Dance Company)
Harvard College School of Rock
Harvard College School of Rock is a group that aims to empower students outside the academic sphere by amplifying their creative voices through musical expression, creation and performance, leaving the students feeling more artistically fulfilled than when they arrived.
Harvard College Society for the Cinematic Arts
The Harvard College Society for Cinematic Arts looks to bring cinemaphiles on Harvard's campus together.
Harvard College Speak Out Loud
Organization dedicated to creating and promoting original spoken word poetry
Harvard College TEATRO!
Drama group dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of Hispanic, Spanish and bilingual art through theater. Performs in Spanish.
Harvard College Video Game Development Club
Student group dedicated to the learning and practice of video game development.
Harvard College Wireless Club
A non-commercial association of undergraduates and other persons in the Harvard University community interested in Amateur Radio.
Harvard College Writers' Workshop
Creative writing organization for writers of all types and genres, dedicated to creation and workshopping of student writing.
Harvard Composer's Association
The mission of the Harvard Composers Association is to promote the presence of 20th and 21st century music on campus through concerts of contemporary repertoire, original student compositions and collaborative projects with other mediums, art forms and organizations.
Harvard Din & Tonics
Undergraduate all-male a cappella group whose repertoire includes primarily 1930’s and 40’s jazz standards.
Harvard Early Music Society
Undergraduate orchestra performing early music in a historically informed manner.
Harvard Glee Club
All-male undergraduate chorus. Part of Holden Choirs.
Harvard Ichthus
Christian thought, opinion and expression.
Harvard Independent
As the student-run weekly newsmagazine that provides in-depth coverage of issues and events of interest to the Harvard College community.
Harvard Jazz Bands
Undergraduate jazz bands.
Harvard Korean Association (K-Pop Dance Group)
A Korean fusion of synthesized music, sharp dance routines and fashionable, colorful outfits. Songs typically consist of one or a mixture of pop, rock, hip hop, R&B and electronic music genres.
Harvard Lampoon
The oldest undergraduate humor magazine.
Harvard LowKeys
Undergraduate co-ed a cappella group with a community service focus.
Harvard Opportunes
Undergraduate co-ed a cappella group.
Harvard Organ Society
Undergraduate organization focused on the pipe organ and pipe organ music.
Harvard Philippine Forum Dance Troupe
Undergraduate dance and Filipino cultural organization.
Harvard Piano Society
Undergraduate piano appreciation society.
Harvard Pops Orchestra
Undergraduate orchestra with a repertoire including jazz literature, film scores, show tunes, and classical works.
Harvard RAZA
We, the members of Harvard RAZA, determined to define our Mexican and Latino roots in the American political and social context, identify ourselves as Mexican-Americans and promote our culture through social and cultural events.
Harvard Salient
A fortnightly journal of political thought.
Harvard South Asian Association
Since 1986, our organization has brought the Harvard community closer to South Asia and its Diaspora through academic, political, social, outreach and cultural initiatives.
Harvard STAGE
Volunteer afterschool program that brings theater to Boston public school students.
Harvard Stand-Up Comic Society
The Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society is dedicated to bringing stand-up comedy and other forms of live comedy to Harvard's campus
Harvard Story-Time Players
Undergraduate community service organization geared towards theatrical performances in area children’s hospitals.
Harvard Under Construction
Undergraduate co-ed a cappella group whose focus is music relating to the Christian faith.
Harvard Undergraduate Dancing to Heal
Dancing to Heal seeks to improve the lives of nursing home and hospital residents in Cambridge and in the greater Boston area by sharing the gift of dance.
Harvard Undergraduate Mirch
Harvard Undergraduate Mirch produces a cappella music inspired by both Western and South Asian musical traditions
Harvard University Band
Official University undergraduate marching band.
Harvard University Choir
University choir affiliated with the Memorial Church.
Harvard University Flute Ensemble
Undergraduate flute ensemble.
Harvard University Wind Ensemble
Music ensemble presenting works for winds, brass, and pecussion.
Harvard Vietnamese Association
The Harvard Vietnamese Association is dedicated to fostering an awareness of Vietnamese culture on campus and within the Greater Boston area, and promoting the interests of the Vietnamese student body at Harvard.
Harvard Woodbridge Society of International Students
The Woodbridge International Society is concerned with the support and enhancement of the international community at Harvard College.
Harvard Wushu
One of the premier performance groups at Harvard and is dedicated to the practice of Wushu, the modern art of Chinese Martial Arts.
Harvard Yearbook Publications
" HYP provides the students of Harvard College with the Freshman Register, a facebook of incoming freshman, at the beginning of each school year. In addition, HYP publishes the annual 520-page Senior class Yearbook at Commencement each school year."
Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association (AAA)
Harvard-Radcliffe Chado Society
The Harvard-Radcliffe Chado Society seeks to spread the Way of Tea, or Japanese Tea Ceremony (chanoyu). Through weekly gatherings and community demonstrations, we strive to increase the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of this classical art.
Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association (CSA)
A group for Chinese and Chinese-American Harvard undergraduates.
Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus
University chorus with approximately 150 members. Part of Holden Choirs.
Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum
Undergraduate mixed choir of approximately 60 voices. Part of Holden Choirs.
Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club
Undergraduate resource organization overseeing most on-campus student theater.
Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players
Undergraduate theater organization presenting the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.
Harvard-Radcliffe MIHNUET
Undergraduate volunteer music group that brings music to hospitals and nursing homes.
Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company
Undergraduate modern dance company.
Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO)
Undergraduate orchestra with approximately 110 members, under the musical direction of Federico Cortese
Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones
Co-ed undergraduate a capella group.
Hasty Pudding Theatricals
Undergraduate musical comedy organization that produces an annual original student-written show with an all-male cast and co-ed crew.
HBS Art Society
To promote the appreciation and creation of art of all forms within the HBS community.
HBS Beyond Dance Club
Beyond Dance is an organization which seeks to connect members of the HBS community who share a passion for dance, to provide an avenue for practicing and performing, and to expose members of the community to new styles of dance from across the globe.
HBS Heard On The Street (HOTS)
Based in the Harvard Business School. Annual Events include a Winter Concert, Womens Student Association Banquet, Spring Concert, and Embarrassing your sectionmate via serenade.
HLS Chamber Music Society
We are a network of musicians at HLS and in the Harvard community. We aim to create a community of music-loving people and to provide opportunities for people to maintain their musical interests amidst the rigors of school.
HSPH Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Traditional Chinese dance.
Harvard Chan Student Dance Club
The mission of Harvard Chan Student Dance Club is to provide opportunities for dance loving students at Chan school as well as other schools of Harvard to learn and practice the skills of various kinds of dance.
Hyperion Shakespeare Company
Undergraduate Shakespeare company.
IDENTITIES is the only organization that allows students to gain hands-on experience in a setting identical to any professional fashion show; students plan and execute the 500+ person event by themselves. Besides providing a creative outlet for those interested in fashion, we strive to display diversity - in race, nationality, and perspective - with our models, featured designers, and board members.
Immediate Gratification Players
Undergraduate improvisational comedy troupe.
Ivory Tower
Undergraduate-produced campus soap opera
All-male undergraduate a cappella group.
Kuumba Singers of Harvard College
Undergraduate choral group with gospel and traditional African and African American repertiore.
Lowell House Opera
On-campus opera company affiliated with Lowell House.
Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers
Organization promoting study and practice of Russian Bell Ringing
Mariachi Veritas de Harvard
Undergraduate mariachi performance band.
Mather House Chamber Music Ensemble
Chamber Music at Mather House offers a fun, informal way to play music with other people! It is open to all members of the Harvard community (not just Mather students!)
Mozart Society Orchestra
50 to 60 member undergraduate orchestra.
Native Americans at Harvard College
Native Americans at Harvard College seeks to provide social, intellectual and cultural activities for both Native students at Harvard and for other interested members of the Harvard community.
Nigerian Student Association (NSA)
Group for Nigerian students with a modern Nigerian dance troupe (Omo Naija).
On Harvard Time
Undergraduate-produced comedy news show
On Thin Ice
Undergraduate improvisational comedy troupe.
Pan-African Dance and Music Ensemble
Provides a space for the creative expression of various forms of dance from the African continent.
Passus: The Harvard College Step Team
The goal of Passus: Harvard College Step Team is to expose the Harvard community to Step, a form of percussive dance that uses the body as an instrument to produce a range of rhythms and sounds. Routines performed by the team will be choreographed by students to reflect Step’s African roots and will capture the very movements underlined in African American Greek tradition. By using footsteps, hand claps, and spoken word at performances in the Harvard and at competitions in the greater Boston community, the team will expose others to this form of expression that is integral to African-American culture.
PBHA’s Harvard Artists for Alzheimer’s (HARTZ)
Harvard Artists for Alzheimer’s, or HARTZ, is dedicated to empowering dementia patients through the creative arts, enhancing mutual understanding between caregivers and care-receivers, and promoting lifelong learning and teaching for students and participants alike.
Presencia Latina
Presencia Latina is Harvard's only Latino and Latin American cultural show. Our aim is to aid in the artistic expression of Latino and Latin American culture through music, dance, poetry, and visual arts.
Quad Sound Studios
On-campus music recording facillity.
Radcliffe Choral Society
All-female undergraduate chorus. Part of Holden Choirs.
Radcliffe Pitches
Undergraduate all-female a cappella group.
River Charles Ensemble
The River Charles Ensemble, Harvard’s premiere conductor-less chamber orchestra, is dedicated to the highest quality of music-making and performance.
Satire V
Undergraduate satirical newspaper.
Harvard Student Art Collective
The Harvard Student Art Collective provides a unique venue to promote the visual arts on campus, merging interdisciplinary interests, and uniting the Harvard community around its artists.
Studio Art Society
The Studio Art Society is a studio art focused club that seeks to foster the growth of visual artists through the creation, sharing, and promotion of student artwork.
Undergraduate tap dance company.
TEDx at Harvard College
TEDxHarvardCollege believes that innovation is the life force of this era of change, which is why we want to spark creativity in the entrepreneurs, inventors, and political minds that will shake up tomorrow’s reality.
Television Network
Undergraduate television, film, and multimedia production organization.
The First-Year Musical
Musical written, acted, and produced entirely by members of the freshman class.
The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers (THUD)
Undergraduate percussion group.
The Inside Voices Step Team
The Inside Voices Step Team is concerned with expanding the step community at Harvard to provide greater opportunities for students interested in stepping in college. The Inside Voices Step Team will bring to Harvard a unique style of stepping based on the precise arm-movements and highly structured nature of Texas step teams, specifically that developed and standardized by the Texas Step Team Association.
The Noteables
Co-ed singing group with repertoire from Broadway theater and musical cinema.
Three Letter Acronym Improv
Undergraduate long-form improvisational comedy team
Tuesday Magazine
General-interest magazine that publishes essays and works of short fiction, poetry, and art.
A Cappella by students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
5-6 person vocal ensemble dedicated to performing highly challenging jazz arrangements well-suited to this smaller group.
Harvard radio broadcasting group (95.3 FM).