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In spring 2013, Calla Videt '09 worked with Harvard geneticist Jonathan Beckwith and his students to create a play The Office for the Arts (OFA) is an important collaborative partner for arts initiatives in the Harvard community, including curricular undertakings. Its Learning From Performers Program brings up to thirty professional artists to campus each year to engage with students. These guests range from emerging artists to individuals of international note representing a broad range of artistic disciplines. The program encourages collaboration with students and faculty within and alongside the curriculum. The OFA also nurtures specific arts undertakings with funding and direct production support and counsel; while these grants are generally made to student-led arts organizations, some of these connect to curricular initiatives.

From time to time, the OFA will also undertake special programming in collaboration with academic partners – e.g., a Leonard Bernstein Conference with the Music Department, a Bluegrass colloquium with Folklore and Mythology, and an examination of ethical and social issues in genetics through the creation of a new theatrical work in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. In addition, the OFA Dance ProgramCeramics Program, and professionally-led orchestras and choruses link directly to curricular as well as extracurricular arts activities. 

For more information or to discuss ideas, please contact the Office for the Arts

–Jack Megan, OFA Director: megan@fas 

PHOTO: In spring 2013, Calla Videt '09 worked with Harvard geneticist Jonathan Beckwith and his students to create a play addressing the complex issues in Beckwith's class “Social Issues in Biology.” PHOTO: Stephanie Mitchell