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Reserving Practice Rooms (music, drum kit, band practice space)

Memorial Hall: Room 014 (drum kit, upright piano); Room 015 (timpani, marimba); Room 016 (upright piano). Available to College and GSAS Students. Amplified music and percussion instruments permitted. Contact the Program Associate at Memorial Hall, 6.4595

SOCH Recording Studios and Practice rooms>

Music Department: There are 14 practice rooms in the music building; all but one have pianos (and one has a harpsichord). Available to anyone with a valid Harvard I.D. (all students in all of Harvard's schools and divisions, faculty and staff) and on a first come, first served basis. Two-hour limit. Amplified music and percussion instruments not permitted. More information>

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First-Year Practice Rooms (music)

There are 7 music practice rooms, one between Wigglesworth C and D basements, one in Wigglesworth D basement, two in Straus basement (A and C), one in Greenough basement, and two in (wheelchair accessible) Matthews basement.  All rooms are available from 9 AM to 11 PM with the exception of Straus, which is open 24 hours/day. The First-Year Music Rooms are open only to first-year students.   

Pianos are available in Wigglesworth, Straus C, Greenough, and Matthews 2. These pianos were donated in used condition in order to provide freshmen the opportunity to practice piano in locations convenient to the dorms. It should be noted that none of the pianos are performance-grade instruments, so accomplished players will likely not be pleased with their quality. Freshmen can play higher-quality pianos in Music Building practice rooms.  If any of the pianos in the First-Year Music Rooms need tuning, or there are any other questions or concerns with the practice rooms, please do not hesitate to contact the First-Year Experience office at 495-1574 or with "Music Room Question" in the subject line.

In order to become a registered user of the First-Year Music Practice Room online reservation system, please stop by the First-Year Experience 0ffice at 6 Prescott Street and fill out a registration form. Note that with permission to use the music rooms goes responsibility: in case of damage to any music practice space, the FYE and Harvard Yard Operations will make a good-faith effort to determine individual responsibility, but if individual responsibility cannot be determined, charges will be shared among all those who have obtained permission to use the First-Year Practice Rooms.

Rehearsal Space for Harvard Student Groups:


Dana Knox, Farkas Hall, 495.8727 
Green Room (Room 038) can be used as practice space for dance, music or theater. Contact the Program Associate at Memorial Hall, 496.4595.


Studio space at the Harvard Dance Center and Director's Studio must be reserved through RoomBook or arranged through the Program Assistant for Dance. For questions, contact the Dance Program at or 495.8683. 

The Dance Center has two studios and one Green Room. Studio 1 capacity: 80. Studio 2 capacity: 30. Offers: Mirrors, barres, sprung floor with marley, pianos. Dressing rooms, showers, gender neutral restrooms. The green room can also be booked for small rehearsals. Capacity: 10. 

The Director's Studio at the OFA, 74 Mt. Auburn Street. Capacity: 20. Offers: mirrors, sound system, barres, sprung floor with marley, upright piano. There are two restrooms that can be used as changing rooms.  

For detailed information on reserving studio space at the Dance Center or OFA Director's Studio, read the Dance Program Guidelines

Student-led dance groups can apply for residencies at the Dance Center.  Two residencies are awarded each academic year. Applications are available through the Dance Program Office each May, and decisions are announced in June.

Renting/Reserving Space in Sanders Theatre or Lowell Hall

Ruth Polleys, Memorial Hall, 496.6391

Renting/Reserving Space in Agassiz Theatre

Dana Knox, 495.8727

Renting/Reserving Space in Farkas Hall

For information on reserving space at Farkas Hall, email TDM Production, or submit a Farkas Hall space request form. 

Find more venue information here.

Visual Art Studio Space

Please contact the Houses for availability of studio space.
Adams ArtSpace has limited studio space. Please contact the Adams House office for more information.

Audio Recording

SOCH Recording Studios and Practice rooms
Quad Sound Studios (read about efforts to bring back QSS in the Harvard Crimson, on the Harvard Arts blog, and in the Harvard Gazette)

If you are interested in joining a band, get on the musicians-network list (