Public Art 2022

On view outdoors in Harvard Yard
Thursday-Sunday, April 28-May 1

2022 Assembly
In a world of separation and isolation, how do we reimagine connections? This interactive sculpture records your movements through drops and ripples of color.
Sijia Zhong GSD ‘22, Yuton Jiang GSD ‘21
Harvard Yard, Tercentenary Theatre near Memorial Church

As Above, So Below
A floating, inflatable homage to Harvard’s subterranean steam tunnels.
Amir Halabi GSD ‘24, Ian Erickson GSD ‘24, Jonathan Levine GSD ‘23, Leon Fong GSD ‘24, Justin McElderry GSD ‘24
Harvard Yard, Tercentenary Theatre near University Hall

Self Compass
This wooden pavilion, with augmented reality animations, is a reflection on the relationship between you and Harvard’s campus.
Lead Artists: George Guida GSD ‘22, Ana Gabriela Loayza GSD ‘21
Collaborators: Jeff Stevens GSD '22, Thomas Kuei GSD '22, Taeyong Kim GSD '22, Garvin Goepel
Harvard Yard, Old Yard near Harvard Hall

Garden Party
In this audiovisual installation, plants are guests of honor in a garden party.
Sonia Ralston GSD ‘22 and the Office Party Collective (Simon Lesina Debiasi, Christina Moushoul, Chase Galis)
Harvard Yard, Tercentenary Theatre near Sever Hall


These works are supported by the OFA ARTS FIRST Public Art Program. See festival schedule for additional Public Art installations on display throughout Harvard.