Plug-In House (2018)

Plug-In House / The Silver Room 

April 26–29, 2018
ARTISTS: James Shen and Eric Williams, GSD Loeb Fellows ‘18
LOCATION: Tercentenary Theatre, Harvard Yard 


The student-built Plug-In House, which was featured during ARTS FIRST 2018 at Harvad, proposed a modest and sustainable solution to urban housing shortages.  Chicago's The Silver Room hosted varied cultural events inside the House to explore and celebrate place-making. The House was then dismantled and reinstalled outside Boston City Hall. People's Architecture Office partnered with Boston's Housing Innovation Lab and non-profit Artists for Humanity, who created drawings that illustrated how the interior could be fitted out and organized. The mission of the House is to engage local residents through a series of in-situ events. Read more about the Boston installation here.