Performance Venues

Adams House Pool Theatre

Sylvio Castiglioni teaches students in an LFP workshop on Commedia delle'arte, 2003The Pool actually used to be a pool, but was converted into a theater. The stage is set into one half of the pool, with the audience sloping up the other half. The ornate construction, marble statuary and surround, and heavy wood beams lend to the atmosphere. Dramas and small dance/musical shows work pretty well, but most anything will work within reason. Pool shows don't typically have a huge set or many drops, but there's plenty that can be done. There's only one pipe above the stage, but there are a couple traveler tracks in the back for various curtains. The stage can be extended out closer to the audience, and there's a small trap just in front of the first audience row. There is only one backstage entrance (SL); otherwise actors can enter through the house. There's also a small trap set into the center of the first audience row. The Pool is a good place to play around with lighting, as the space is large enough to have a full-size show, but flexible and easy enough for quick experimentation.
address: 10-12 Holyoke Street | Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: 617.495.8727 | email: Dana Knox, Production Coordinator, danaknox@fas | fax: 617.495.9728 

Agassiz Theatre

Agassiz Theatre (map), located in Radcliffe Yard, is an intimate 336-seat performance space for Harvard undergraduate productions. During the academic year, the theater is scheduled and operated by the OFA. Several performance slots are available each term. Assistant Technical Director for College Theater Programs Elizabeth Dean is on hand for advice and guiding groups through the process of planning and mounting a theatrical event. Application deadlines are in December for spring productions and April for fall productions. 
address: 10 Garden Street | Cambridge, MA 02138 
phone: 617.495.8675 | email: Elizabeth Dean, Assistant Technical Director, edean@fas | fax: 617.495.9259 

Harvard Dance Center

Harvard Dance Center (map) is administered by the OFA Dance Program, is a rehearsal, classroom, and performance space for undergraduate dance companies and the Dance Program. 
address: 60 Garden Street | Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: 616.495.8683 | email: dance@fas | fax: 617.495.7674 
hours: Monday-Friday, 12–7 PM. 

Farkas Hall

Farkas Hall (map): The inauguration of the New College Theatre (renamed Farkas Hall in 2011) took place on October 17th, 2007. Production Coordinator for College Theater Programs Dana Knox is on hand for advice and guiding groups through the process of planning and mounting a theatrical event at Farkas Hall or at any other theater space at Harvard. Application deadlines are in November for spring productions and April for fall productions. 
address: 10-12 Holyoke Street | Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: 617.495.8727 | email: Dana Knox, Production Coordinator, danaknox@fas | fax: 617.495.9728 

Leverett House Library Theater

The Library Theater is a large room located down a stairway near the entrance to McKinlock from Mill Street and is ideal for group meetings, rehearsals, performances, and other events. Historically used as a small theater primarily for plays and performances, it is also appropriate for meetings and rehearsals, particularly of groups too large to fit in the House's other reservable spaces or those that need lots of space to move around. Seating consists of folding chairs. More information>
address: 28 DeWolfe St | Cambridge, MA 02138
contact: Leverett House Tutor 

Loeb Experimental Theatre

The Loeb Ex is a plain black box, 35' X 47' with a balcony around three sides, and a grid supporting movable panels approximately 16' high. Each production in the ex creates a different audience seating and stage arrangement.
address: 64 Brattle Street | Cambridge, MA 02138 
contact: Ex Coordinator 

Loeb Mainstage

The Loeb’s 556-seat theater is the venue for most A.R.T. productions as well as fall and spring mainstage productions of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club (HRDC). xx
address: 64 Brattle Street | Cambridge, MA 02138 
contact: Mainstage Coordinator

Lowell Lecture Hall

Lowell Hall (map): Lowell Lecture Hall is 352-seat lecture hall and performance space. Though the space is primarily scheduled with standing rehearsals, student groups may apply to present performances in the Lecture Hall on Friday and Saturday evenings. Online applications are accepted in November for the spring semester and April for the fall semester. Student groups may also schedule Lowell Hall's basement classrooms for evening and weekend meetings. All basement rooms have upright pianos to accommodate small rehearsals.
contact phone: 617.496.4595 | email: memhall@fas | fax: 617.495.2420

John Knowles Paine Concert Hall

Paine Hall seats 437 and is housed in the Music Building and is available for use by various Harvard-affiliated music groups. 
Contact Enrique Márquez, Manager of Events: 617.495.9859 | enriquemarquez@fas

Sanders Theatre

Sanders Theatre (map): A 1,000-seat venue, this is Harvard's largest lecture and concert hall. Sanders is host to events presented by Harvard performing groups as well as community and professional arts organizations. Student performance groups with a demonstrated historic need for a venue as large as Sanders Theatre are granted dates in conjunction with the Harvard College Student Activities Office. Though availability is extremely limited, other student groups may propose events according to guidelines.
address: 45 Quincy Street | Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: 617.496.4595 | email: memhall@fas | fax: 617.495.2420 

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IMAGE: Sylvio Castiglioni teaches students in an LFP workshop in Agassiz Theatre on Commedia delle'arte, 2003.