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Isa     Flores-Jones ’19

Isa Flores-Jones ’19


Isa Flores-Jones ’19 is a sometime citizen of Sacramento, California. She lives in the Dudley Co-op and writes for the features board of the Harvard Advocate. She studies History and Literature, with a focus on the intersection of American environmental and labor history.... Read more about Isa Flores-Jones ’19

Alicia Anstead

Alicia Anstead

Associate Director for Programming;
Blog Editor

Alicia Anstead NF '08 is associate director for programming at the Office for the Arts and editor-in-chief/co-founder of the Harvard...

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Emily Vides

Emily Vides

Communications Coordinator

Emily Vides has worked in communications for the Office for the Arts at Harvard since 2007, overseeing the creation and production of...

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