Welcome, Class of 2022

OFA students and staff face the camera while wearing make art t-shirts. From left to right: a student wears a blue shirt, a staff member wears a purple shirt, a student wears a red shirt, and a staff member wears a black shirt.Hello, First-Year Students!

Welcome to Harvard, and to the Office for the Arts at Harvard, where our business is supporting you and the entire Harvard community in the practice and discovery of artmaking of all kinds. 

What's that mean for you? Our reach is: dance, ceramics, theater, working with professional artists from a range of disciplines, orchestral participation, choral work, obtaining funding for arts projects and subsidies for music lessons. All of us at the OFA are here to help you explore whatever art you do, or whatever art you want to try, wherever you are in the world! All are welcome at the OFA.

Check out the OFA Brochure  with all the info and contacts you need.

Harvard's artistic community is strikingly diverse and passionate—whether folks plan to go on to a career in the arts or not. For instance: That saxophonist in the jazz band who takes on a solo in a Duke Ellington composition? She’s pre-med. The actor tackling Gertrude in Hamlet? They've got their sights set on law school. And that guy working with the professional artist in the OFA Ceramics Program might end up running a nation someday. What about you? Where can the arts fit into your Harvard experience? 

Whatever your creative journey, we’re here to help you find your way. 

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Artmaking and the OFA 

Whatever art you make or want to make, we can help. 

Each year, more than 3,000 students use the OFA as a central resource to realize their artistic ambitions. Whatever your arts journey, the OFA is your first stop. Find our more about OFA sources of support such as project grants, fellowships and subsidies for music lessons. Explore opportunities with the many OFA affiliated music ensembles, including the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, Harvard Choruses and University Choir, Kuumba Singers, Pops Orchestra, Baroque Chamber Orchestra and more. Dive into the theater scene working with our production staff at campus theater venues and in the houses. Learn about our flagship guest artist program Learning from Performers, which brings some of the world’s most inventive and distinguished professionals to engage with students. All of this, plus our state-of-the-art  Ceramics Studio and Program, the  OFA Dance Program at the Harvard Dance Center, the OFA Jazz Program and ARTS FIRST, our annual spring festival showcasing student and faculty creativity.