Mima Weissmann Recipient 2014 - 2015: Monika Ozog

Artist Statement

Monika Ozog

Muscle memory is inspired by the thought that whom we are is influenced by
our bones, our muscles, our experiences. There in lies the root to becoming
comfortable in our own skins. I look back and create sculptures that express these frozen gestures and tell a silent story. The sculptures that reside in my mind are abstract forms of the body: structural, internal and epidermal. My work strives toconnect trace with preconceived ideas of the human body and the internal search for identity.


Monika Ozog graduated from the Art Institute of Boston, Lesley University with a Master of Fine Arts in Photography in May 2014. She graduated from Queens College in New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in August of 2012. She was a Teaching Assistant in Black and White Film Photography for the Art Institute of Boston in 2013.