Gallery 224 Exhibition: Material Systems: Digital Design and Fabrication

  • cylindrical 3-d printed objects

This exhibition features work by students in the Harvard Graduate School of Design course SCI-6317 Material Systems: Digital Design and Fabrication led by Nathan King, DDes and Lecturer in Architecture in collaboration with the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard. 

Exhibition on view: February 7 - March 13, 2020
Reception: Wednesday, February 26, 5:00-7:00pm
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm
Evenings and weekends by appointment - call 617-495-8680.

This course advances strategies for robotics, additive manufacturing, and other computational fabrication technologies as led by Nathan King, Lecturer in Architecture in collaboration with the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard in Allston (with Kathy King, Director).

Digital design and fabrication technologies have become integral to the discourse surrounding contemporary design and architectural practice. The translation from design to realization is mediated by a range of tools and processes whose development is informed over time by material properties, skill, technology, and culture. As a whole, these systems are the vehicle by which design teams, manufacturers, installers, and ultimately users engage the materiality of architecture.

Parallel technological developments relating to the way in which things are designed (digital modeling, simulation, generative design, etc.) and the way things are made (automation, computer-controlled equipment including robotics, advanced materials, etc.) have afforded new opportunities and challenges related to the realization of new forms in architecture, part customization, user-centered design, and enhanced building performance. Within this context, this work positions ceramic material systems as a vehicle for exploring applied research methodologies and investigation into the opportunities (and challenges) afforded by digital fabrication techniques.

The work in this exhibition is a snapshot of progress showing where the student-initiated research efforts ended with the Fall 2019 course, and perhaps where someone might pick them up again. Each student group was asked to identify a challenge or opportunity within the context of architectural ceramics that might be impacted by the introduction of computational design and fabrication technologies, and to apply rigorous research methods in pursuit of its exploration.

These are objects of process and the first steps in that exploration.

We encourage you to consider this work by asking the same

Is there an opportunity here?

This exhibition was curated by Nathan King DDes, Instructor, SCI-6317.

Harvard Graduate School of Design Students:
Alejandra Avalos Guerrero, Yuebin Dong, Elif Erez, Dalma Foldesi, Alejandro Gracia-Zhang, Zoe Holland, Shihao Huang, Yungi Jung, Jan Kwan, Shun Yin Gabriel Lam, Joonhaeng Lee, Ana Gabriela Loayza Nolasco, Molly Mason, Mckenna Mitchell, Christopher Nelson, Jonathan Ng, Delara Rahim, Jung In Seo, Nima Shariat, Yuki Takata, Hidekatsu Uchida, Tiange Wang, Ayaka Yamashita, Hyun Yang, and Xijia Zhang.

Harvard Graduate School of Design Instructors and TAs:
Instructor: Nathan King, DDes
TAs: Erin Hunt, Vaishnavi Magar, Sulaiman Alothman

Ceramics Program Staff:
Kathy King, Director; Geoff Booras, Operations Coordinator
Kyle Johns, Casey Zeng, Marek Jacisin and Deighton Abrams

Material Systems: Digital Design and Fabrication

Installation of this exhibition:
Deighton Abrams, Geoff Booras, Diane Lulek, Kathy King, Nathan King.