Impulse: Public Art at ARTS FIRST


Wednesday, April 26-Thursday, May 3, Noon-10 pm
by Lateral Office (Lola Sheppard GSD ’01 and Mason White GSD ’01) and CS Design
LOCATION: Harvard Yard, south end of Old Yard


Celebrating ARTS FIRST’s 25th anniversary and its commitment to Harvard artists, the OFA Public Art Program presents Impulse, an interactive experience of light and sound.

Impulse animates public space with a series of acoustic, illuminated see-saws. These units can be “played” to create an ever-changing composition embodying ideas of repetition and variation, formal design and improvisation, stillness and flux.

When activated by motion, the see-saws create waves of light intensification and sound sequences. When not in use, the units stabilize to the horizontal and remain silent at a low glowing level.

All are invited to become musicians and artists through engagement with Impulse.

The project was co-created by Lateral Office—a Toronto-based experimental design practice founded by alumni/ae of the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) Lola Sheppard GSD ’01 and Mason White GSD ’01—and the Montréal-based lighting consultancy CS Design.

Quartier des Spectacles partnership, Montréal, CanadaCreation and production: Lateral Office and CS Design Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montréal, Canada
Presentation at Harvard: Office for the Arts at Harvard, with additional support from the Harvard Graduate School of Design

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