Guidelines and Application

Grant Program Contact: Stephanie Troisi, 617.495.8895.


Fall ‘18 Projects: Monday, September 10, 2018
Spring ‘19 Projects: Monday, November 19, 2018

Contact Stephanie Troisi, Student Services Coordinator, (troisi@fas) with any questions.


Eligible: Harvard undergraduates. Graduate students, faculty and staff may apply for projects whose main focus is in undergraduate artmaking.

What we ordinarily fund

In considering applications, the Council on the Arts values projects that:

  • are collaborative
  • have potential to involve many students in making or observing the finished work
  • are either original or that demonstrate a creative approach to existent work (e.g. a play, a musical work, a ballet, etc.).

Grants typically fall into traditional categories such as drama, literature, music, dance and visual art. The Council welcomes these, but also is interested in supporting forms that are hybrids of various types and/or are less easily defined.

Council on the Arts' Special Citation Award

These awards are given to projects of high artistic merit, originality, and/or innovation. There is no special application for Citation Awards; the Council awards this designation based on the quality of the project proposal as described in the project grant application. Projects that are given the Special citation designation are generally funded at a higher level than other projects.

What we do not ordinarily fund

  • Senior theses
  • Fundraisers, charity benefits, or tours away from campus
  • Professional teachers, conductors, choreographers, technicians or performers' fees
    • NOTE: Click here for more information on guest artists or contact the Office for the Arts at 617.495.8676.
  • Presentation of performing groups from outside the University
  • Projects that have minimal exposure to undergraduates
  • Political magazines or events that are not primarily artistic
  • Film projects; summer projects; ongoing classes
  • Equipment purchases
  • Fees for Student Services
  • Receptions (e.g. flowers, gifts, food, drinks)
  • Marketing of event or artistic work (e.g. making of concert CDs, videotaping of event)
  • Lighting/Sound Operator Fees

Grant amounts

Most grants typically fall in the $200-$500 range, although some are larger. Projects that are given the Special Citation designation are generally funded at a higher level. NOTE: For budgeting purposes funding for program printing and publicity cost budget line items will be capped at $100 max.

Method of payment

Grants are paid primarily on a reimbursement basis but the OFA can also pay vendors directly. Students who receive grants must submit an evaluation of their completed project to the Office for the Arts in order to receive their final reimbursement.

Reimbursement deadlines

Reimbursement deadlines (we encourage producers to submit reimbursement materials as soon as possible. The dates listed below are final dates paperwork can be turned in)

Fall ’18  projects: Monday, February 11, 2019
Spring '19 projects: Monday May 13, 2019

Application and accompanying material:

Accompanied by the following:

  • Project Grant supplemental material form (pdf) (word)  (Fall ’18 Project Grants) 
  • Budget form (optional). Only use if your project budget has changed since your Common Grant submission, or if you wish to include further detail about your expenses/revenue.
  • List of all participating undergraduates and their defined roles/jobs (as complete as possible at time of application submission- include class years or Harvard affiliation)
  • Music/Dance Concert projects
    • List of pieces/selections (if not available please include a paragraph describing artistic goal of concert and selections/pieces which are being considered for inclusion)
  • Theater Projects
    • Director's statement
  • Publication projects
    • Publication sample via weblink or hard copies (15) of most current issue or work samples for new publications. 
  • Consultation comments
    • Comments provided by a faculty/staff or administrator who has spoken with the project’s producer/director or manager, that provide insight into planning of or planned goals of structor as well as any comments about competency of producing team. 

Supplemental forms and materials should be submitted by the appropriate application deadline to troisi@fas or delivered to the OFA:
Office for the Arts
74 Mt. Auburn Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138
Attn: Stephanie Troisi

We encourage you to consult with staff and faculty on your project. Please refer to the OFA staff list.

Office for the Arts Grants are awarded by the Council on the Arts, a standing committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Members for the 2018-19 Academic Year

Diane Borger, Producer, American Repertory Theater
Federico Cortese, Senior Lecturer on Music, Conductor of the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra
Jorie Graham, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory
Jill Johnson, Senior Lecturer on Music, Director, Office for the Arts Dance Program
Sarah Lewis, Assistant Professor of History of Arts and Architecture and of African and African American Studies (on leave fall 18)
Ruth Stella Lingford, Professor of the Practice of Animation, Film Study Center Fellow
Jack Megan, Director, Office for the Arts
Cathleen McCormick, Director of Programs, Office for the Arts
Diane Paulus, Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater
Matt Saunders, Assistant Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies (on leave fall 18)
Elaine Scarry, Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value and Senior Fellow of the Society of Fellow
Marcus Stern, Associate Director, American Repertory Theater/Moscow Art Theater School Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University
Yosvany Terry, Senior Lecturer on Music, Director of Jazz Bands