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BSO update

Please note: Tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which are typically available to undergraduates through the OFA, are on hiatus because of Covid-19. We are leaving info about the BSO tickets program on our website to honor the program and to assure undergrads that -- as soon as it's safe -- we will resume distributing free tickets. The BSO is featuring many virtual events -- so you can still listen to quality classical music at: Enjoy the music. We look forward to sending you to Symphony Hall again when it's safe. 

Learn about the BSO tickets at OFA

Thanks to gift from the late Harvard Professor Arthur Maass, undergraduate students at Harvard can receive free tickets to selected performances by the BSO. Professor Maass was a long-time subscriber and patron of the BSO with his membership beginning in 1946. Upon his passing, a provision in his estate plans dictated that funds were to be made available to supply tickets to Harvard undergraduates.

Once the OFA reopens (when it's safe to do so), the standard policy for claiming tickets is as follows.

  • BSO tickets will be made available approximately one week in advance of any given show, depending on ticket availability from the BSO box office.
  • Notification of available performances and ticket quantities is in The Weekly Beat, Harvard's arts digest (subscribe here), which is distributed by email each Thursday of the academic year. Each week, under the listing "Free Boston Symphony Orchestra Tickets," there will be information about the availability of tickets for the coming week's performances. The tickets will be available for pick-up on the day and time stated in the listing, usually on Fridays in the afternoon at 74 Mt. Auburn St.
    • Tickets will be available after the distribution time on a first-come, first-served basis and must be picked up in person. Lines form early (sometimes up to 2 hours before distribution begins!), and there is a waiting area, so if you want tickets get to the office early.
    • We ask that you wait quietly and in an orderly manner. 
    • When picking up tickets, students must show a valid Harvard undergraduate student ID and may receive, at max, two tickets per ID. This is subject to change - sometimes we get additional tickets and allow students to receive up to four tickets.
    • Students that receive tickets must wait two weeks from the performance date before they are again eligible to participate in the program.

This opportunity is available to Harvard undergraduates only. If you sign up for The Beat, you will automatically receive information regarding the availability of free BSO tickets.

Boston Symphony Orchestra, 301 Massachusetts Ave., Boston