The Simplicity of Life Beyond War


Fri - Thu, Mar 2 to Mar 29, 8:00pm - 8:00pm


Gutman Gallery, 13 Appian Way

The Simplicity of Life Beyond War Exhibit will take place through the month of March at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Gutman Gallery.

Presented by: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Admission: Free: No Tickets Required

Life Beyond War showcases the photography of Anya Baroff who documented daily life amidst political instability during The Arab Spring in North Africa from Fall of 2010 to Spring of 2011 and subsequently during 2014 in Israel in the wake of Gaza-Israel clashes. The images focus on humanitarian concerns through portraiture and landscape photography as a means to portray the delicate nature of living at the edge of distress. The collection aims to deepen the conversation by reflecting on how basic values continue to thrive in the midst of disequilibrium. The photographs perspective into how we can approach and bridge interests based on common needs and desires within day-to-day life. As we zoom into conflict at a macro level, we can create discourse into underlying interests that lay at unmasked personal levels. The collection magnifies unpredictability in the most extreme cases of disequilibrium to unearth core humanistic commonalities as a means of conflict resolution. The exhibit aims to bridge sensory perceptions and cognitive dissonance and invites engagement in difficult conversations about the consequences of living with uncertainty.

Contact information: Anya Baroff Phone: (310) 804-9697