Seth Rainville Visiting Artist Lecture


Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Join us as we welcome 2017-18 Artist in Residence Seth Rainville to the Ceramics Program! Seth Rainville

Seth is the instructor for two courses this fall, Surface and Form and Time Travel with the Vessel Form. Come get to know Seth Rainville and his work during this free lecture. RSVP here.

Seth Rainville is a potter, educator, and curator living in New Bedford, MA. His dedication to his craft and passion for promoting the arts and artists has given Seth the ability to engage in a multi-faceted career. Rainville received his BFA from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and has taught at multiple programs including Falmouth Art Center, South County Art Association and has held the title of Curator/Exhibitions Coordinator at the New Bedford Art Museum in New Bedford, MA. Rainville sits on the Advisory Board of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and formerly sat on the Advisory Board of the Arizona State University Ceramic Research Center in Tempe, AZ.

For over two decades I have made work reflective of my life. I interpret and navigate my existence through narrative imagery on vessels and sculpture. Each piece becomes a type of marker or journal entry, whereas a body of work is often born of a segment of time or specific incident ripe with imagery. I will fill a sketchbook with ideas and narratives that eventually find a cohesive line of thought or aesthetic direction. Often, these ideas and narratives lay dormant for years until I come to terms with, or find the maturity necessary, to move forward with the work. This way of creating allows me the mental space to choose materials and forms that act as a proper canvas for the narrative, like the relationship between a film director and producer.  I am interested in making work that demands contemplation and inspires inquiry.  Seth Rainville