Self-Destruction Cinema. The Films of Tetsuya Mariko


Fri - Mon, Feb 21 to Feb 24, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Harvard Film Archive, 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
MarikoFilmJapanese filmmaker Tetsuya Mariko has directed a series of arresting and subversive films centered on characters locked into cycles of extreme antisocial behavior. Whether loners who have long abandoned any desire to engage except by their absolute but anarchic rules, or lovers set out on stark revenge, Mariko’s self-absorbed antiheroes inhabit an alternate zone that inverts quotidian reality by sparking cycles of dark violence in broad daylight and transforming banal domestic and everyday spaces into unexpected stages for bleak, brooding yet also darkly humorous theatrical performances. Mariko is currently an artist-in-residence at Harvard’s Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies and will be present for three evenings of screenings and conversations with producer Eisei Shu. Tickets required. For schedule, ticket, and additional information, click here.