Panel Discussion and Seminar - Warren MacKenzie and John Reeve: Kindred Spirits


Friday, September 8, 2017, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Harvard Ed Portal, 224 Western Avenue, Allston, MA 02134

Presented by: Harvard Ed Portal and Lacoste Gallery

Warren MacKenzie, John Reeve, Ken Ferguson
L-R: Warren MacKenzie and John Reeve with Ken Ferguson
This panel will explore Warren MacKenzie and John Reeve’s unique friendship and the shared philosophy of these mingei ceramic legends. Warren and John were contemporaries and good friends, working at the Leach Pottery at different times and together in the US and England. Warren on John: “We were both seeking our own language. We shared the idea that pots should be made easily and quickly; they should not be elaborate things. We didn’t have to explain ourselves to one another.”

Nora Vaillant
curator, art historian and writer
Mark Pharis artist, teacher and writer
Mary Barringer artist, editor and writer

Nora Vaillant, the curator and author of John Reeve: Some Hidden Magic will speak for John. Mark Pharis, a renowned student of MacKenzie’s lacoste panelas well as friend and the person who took over from him as the head of the University of Minnesota ceramics department will speak about Warren.  Mary Barringer, former editor of Studio Potter and internationally recognized ceramics maker will lead the panel and moderate the conversation.

Please contact Lacoste Gallery directly for tickets for the Panel Discussion with Seminar: $30.00
T: 978-369-0278
Space is limited.

Tickets are free for Harvard Ed Portal members and Allston-Brighton residents. To access tickets, contact Arts Program Manager, Eva Bennett Rosenberg at

This panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition
Warren MacKenzie and John Reeve: Kindred Spirits
at Lacoste Gallery in Concord, Massachusetts 
September 9 – 30, 2017. Opening Reception Saturday, September 9, 3:00pm


Photos: Top - Warren McKenzie; Middle - John Reeves, Bottom - John Reeves (left), Warren MacKenzie (right)