Kerry Tribe: Critical Mass


Saturday, October 3, 2015, 5:00pm


Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, Level 3, Sert Gallery

Performance featuring Nick Huff and Emelie O’Hara: Sat, Oct 3, 5 pm; reception to follow
RSVP suggested
Exhibition: Oct. 3-25
Presented by: Carpenter Center

Kerry Tribe’s time based works explore memory and representation through film, video, performance and installation. For Critical Mass (2010–), she restages Hollis Frampton’s 1971 groundbreaking experimental film of the same name. In Frampton’s classic structural work, he captures a young couple arguing on film then meticulously edits the single take into a series of repetitive, staccato snippets, unhinging the continuity of the dialogue. In Tribe’s project, actors Nick Huff and Emelie O’Hara perform Frampton’s film from memory, shot for shot, retaining all the original repetitions and stutters of the original work.

The Interstitial
Josiah McElheny: Two Walking Mirrors for the Carpenter Center and Kerry Tribe: Critical Mass are part of The Interstitial, a CCVA program that takes advantage of the time and physical space between exhibitions. The Interstitial hosts performances, installations and other time-based events that transpire over the course of an evening or several days.