John Knowles Paine Concert Hall


Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 8:00pm


Paine Hall

Presented by: Harvard University Music Department and Aga Khan Music Initiative.
Admission: Free and open to all


Bardic Divas: A Celebration of Women's Music Making in Central Asia

featuring the performers of QYRQ-QYZ (Forty Girls). The musicians featured in this evening’s concert, with the exception of Aziza Davronova, who hails from the city of Bukhara, perform music rooted in the world of nomads. This focus stems from the group’s raison d’être: they were brought together by the Aga Khan Music Initiative to perform Qyrq Qyz (Forty Girls), a multimedia retelling of a Central Asian heroic epic in which the main heroes are female—young women whose equestrian skills, valor, and military prowess call to mind the legendary Amazons described by ancient Greek geographers and historians.