HRMDC Presents: Dreams


Saturday, April 14, 2018, 5:00pm


Harvard Dance Center

Dreams aims to push the boundaries of dance performance and viewership while also exploring themes that are important in our everyday lives. From life goals to nightmares, Dreams will be an immersive, trance-like journey, staged as one continuous dream. This show embodies many different passions, fears, and hopes, allowing everyone to be in touch with what matters to them - something we often neglect in the bustle of our everyday lives.

Presented by: Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance CompanyAdmission: Reserve Tickets Here

$5 with HUID and $10 for everyone else

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Directors: Fotini Anastopoulos and Tiffany Lau

Producers: Margaret Canady and Daniel Rivera

Treasurer: Ryan Feng

Publicity Chairs: Linda Qin and Bennie Weber

Costumer: Jess Eng

Board Administrator: Cassandra Kane

Communications Chair: Sunah Chang

Community Building Chairs: Angie Cui and Anna Henricks

Creative Advisor: Director of Dance Jill Johnson

Lighting Designer: Aaron Olkin

Choreographers: Angie Cui, Cassandra Kane, Danny Rivera, Devon Fitchett, Fotini Anastopoulos, Jazmine Philips-Acie, Jess Eng, Mma Ikwut-Ukwa, Sunday Coverly, Owen Torrey, Sophie Kissinger, and Tiffany Lau