Exhibition: IRRESOLUTION: The Paintings of Yoshiaki Shimizu


Fri - Tue, Sep 1 to Oct 31, 7:00am - 9:00pm


Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse Gallery, CGIS South Bldg., 1730 Cambridge St.

Art Exhibition: IRRESOLUTION: The Paintings of Yoshiaki ShimizuIRRESOLUTION is the first retrospective devoted to the artistic career of Yoshiaki Shimizu (b. 1936), a Japanese-born, Harvard-trained painter, and later historian of Japanese art, who was associated with a number of important postwar movements of abstract painting.

Presented by: Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University
Admission: This event is free and open to the public
Hours: weekdays 7 AM-9 PM
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Navigating the radically different environments of Cambridge, New York, Germany and Kyoto, Shimizu's artistry challenges simple categorization. While his earliest canvases reflect Bauhaus-style experimentation with different forms of abstraction, later works convey his engagement with the lyrical coloration of Nipponism and the vigorous gesturalism of the New York School. These many vectors of artistic inquiry converge in a remarkable group of works created in Kyoto in the mid-60s.

IRRESOLUTION introduces a brief but remarkable artistic career that suggests through one uniquw corpus the many cultural dimensions of abstract paintings and illuminated the emerging connections between disparate art worlds of the postwar era.