Thursday, December 3, 2020, 5:00pm to 6:00pm


Online via Zoom meeting

A black and white photo of dancers from Heidi Latsky Dance performing ON DISPLAY at the Federal Plaza in New York City. Photo by Charlotte Jones.ON DISPLAY HARVARD – DECEMBER 3, 2020 

You're invited to participate in or attend a worldwide movement installation titled ON DISPLAY GLOBAL (ODG), created by physically-integrated dance company Heidi Latsky Dance. The work is performed by a network of communities around the world each year in honor of the United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Harvard Dance Center has been an Ambassador of the work for the past two years, coordinating ON DISPLAY HARVARD at accessible public spaces on Harvard's campus. 

This year will be entirely new. Because of COVID-19, ODG will be a 24-hour live, Zoom event that audience members and performers can move into and out of throughout the day.

The Harvard Dance Center has been invited to host one hour of the 24-hour Zoom event. From 5-6pm EST, Harvard participants will perform the work and the Harvard community at large is invited to attend and bear witness.

ACCESS PROVIDED: The entire ON DISPLAY GLOBAL event will be in silence; audio description will be provided for the ON DISPLAY HARVARD hour.

The Dance Center is thrilled to be partnering with the Harvard Art Museums, the original planned site for ON DISPLAY HARVARD 2020. Previous years' partners have been Harvard Commons, The Smith Campus Center, and Harvard Library. 




Participation in ON DISPLAY HARVARD 2020 entails one virtual training session with ON DISPLAY HARVARD'S artistic coordinator Ava Untermyer AIE'19 the week of November 30th, and a short warm-up prior to the event. The movement installation will involve stillness, slow movement, structured improvisation, and internal focus. 

No formal dance experience is required. Persons with and without disabilities are encouraged to participate. While this is designed to be a durational piece lasting one hour, participants will be offered options for shortening the time they are performing, as needed.




ON DISPLAY is a movement installation developed by New York-based, physically-integrated dance company Heidi Latsky Dance. The work commemorates the United Nation's International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd as part of an annual worldwide initiative called ON DISPLAY GLOBAL. 

Reverting the gaze is integral to disability culture. In this installation, the performers have the power to choose what they do or do not reveal, giving them control over a personal journey that cannot help but be affected by an audience. The tenuous and complex relationship between viewer and viewed that exists in performative work also permeates everyday life with people who are different in some physical way and hence draws attention to themselves whether they want to or not.

To learn more, read the ON DISPLAY GLOBAL 2020 press release and visit ondisplay.us/global.

ON DISPLAY HARVARD 2020 is presented by Harvard Dance Center, supported by the Office for the Arts, and is in partnership with the Harvard Art Museums. ON DISPLAY GLOBAL 2020 is presented in partnership with NYU Tisch School for the Arts, NYC Mayor’s Office, Disability Unite, and the United Nations.

Image description and photo credit:

A black and white photo of dancers from Heidi Latsky Dance performing ON DISPLAY at the Federal Plaza in New York City. Each dancer is dressed in all white clothing and in various poses around the plaza. The central figure is a Black woman wearing a white tunic over white leggings. She is in mid movement with her right limbs in a bent position. Her eyes are closed and her face is directed downwards. Photo by Charlotte Jones.