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Saturday, April 29, 3-5 PM
Plaza Tent

South Asian Dance Company
Fusion of classical, folk and Bollywood South Asian dance styles with Western styles such as hip-hop and modern dance.

Harvard Capoeira Regional Club
Performance of a Brazilian martial art combining Afro-Brazilian dance with martial arts and acrobatics.

Madhvi Venkatesh (HMS Curriculum Fellow)
Shakti, a Bharata Natyam (Classical Indian Dance) solo performance.

Inside Voices Step Team
This percussive dance group presents The Meaning of Step, a high-energy blend of clapping, stomping, shouting and more.

Omo Naija
Harvard's premier Nigerian dance troupe fuses traditional West African culture with a modern, pop-music twist.

Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company
A dance piece based on Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World.

Harvard Breakers
Harvard's premier street dance organization presents true freestyle performance, accompanied by two Harvard student beatboxers.

Harvard Ballet Company
A student-choreographed contemporary ballet.

Harvard TaeKwonDo Demonstration Team
Performance of traditional and modern twists to this ancient art.


Harvard TAPS
An ensemble tap performance from TAPS’ Spring 2017 repertoire.

Expressions Dance Company
EXP, the competitive hip hop subgroup of Expressions Dance Company, presents their spring set Kill Bill.

Harvard College Candela Dance Troupe
A Latin Dance Showcase: salsa, bachata, merengue and more.

Harvard Deepam
Deepam's performance of the life and legacy of the Queen of Kittur, the first ever Indian ruler to fight against British rule, blends several Indian classical dance styles.

Asian American Dance Troupe
Moonlit Peacock, an Ethnic Dai (Traditional Chinese) dance.

La’Toya Princess Jackson EXT ’19
Excerpts from Vanity Lane, an original contemporary ballet and modern dance piece. Choreography by Jackson, music by Gordon Williams.

Crimson Dance Team
A student-choreographed dance piece.

Ballet Folklórico de Atzlán
Traditional Mexican regional dances and folk music.

Harvard Passus Step Team
Step With Us - You Know We Got It, a student-choreographed showcase of percussive dance.

Harvard College Bhangra
Bhangra is a traditional dance form that originates in Punjab, India, known for its vibrant costumes and energetic dance moves.