Clinica de Migrantes Screening


Saturday, April 7, 2018, 6:00pm


Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall

Join HCFF for a screening of HBO Documentary Clinica de Migrantes!

Presented by: Harvard College Film Festival

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Clinica de Migrantes is a medical drama about a year in the life of Puentes, one of the only health clinics in the U.S. involved in the politically controversial practice of providing healthcare to undocumented immigrants. By law, illegal immigrants cannot obtain health insurance, and receive no regular medical treatment. At Puentes, a team of volunteers led by Dr. Steve Larson attend to an ever-growing population of housekeepers, prep cooks, and construction workers. Many come to Puentes after being turned away at other hospitals. Full of unforgettable patient-doctor interactions and human portraits, Clinica de Migrantes tells the story of America's true untouchable class and of the heroic few who reach out to help them. This screening is sponsored by the Harvard College Film Festival.