Circle Up! Continuing the Conversation Conference


Friday, May 6, 2016 (All day)

Repeats every day until Sun May 08 2016


Harvard Graduate School of Education, Appian Way, Gutman Library

Presented by: Continuing the Conversation
Regular Registration: $135
Online registration ends May 4, 2016. Registrations at the door will be accepted for $150. Registrants at the door must pay by check. We encourage participants to register online in advance to take advantage of the pre-conference resources.
May 6-8 (view schedule)
More information and a link to register:

Continuing the Conversation, an arts education network born out of the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is holding their conference May 6-8, 2016 at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The event is co-hosted by the Arts in Education program. 

Circles have no beginning and no end, allowing us to reflect and move forward at the same time. When we circle up, everyone can see everyone else. Circles encourage inclusivity and equity as they allow us to create and share stories, deepen our practice, and strengthen our community. As members of the Arts in Education world, we call you to join this circle to recharge, dig deep, reflect, and forge ahead with new ideas for our common work.

Join CtC on May 6-8, 2016 at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for our 4th biennial gathering.  We will be experimenting with new conference structures at this gathering. We invite you to join a focused conversation thread where participants will share stories, generate questions, make art, engage in learning experiences, reflect, and consider action steps. Throughout the weekend, we will circle up to share ideas and weave our experiences together.

Be a part of this important conversation. Circle up!

Conversation Threads: 

Creating Equity – How are artists and arts educators uniquely equipped to enrich, deepen, and catalyze moments of social awareness around critical questions about race and social justice?

Sharing Stories – How do we want our arts education work documented and reported? Who should be telling the real stories of the meaning of this work? And how might those stories be shared?

Deepening Practice – How do we define, describe, and achieve high quality teaching and learning? And how is our understanding of what that means changing?

Engaging All Learners – What role can the arts play in creating more inclusive learning environments?

Strengthening Communities – How can we reconsider partnerships–who we partner with and how we work together–to significantly change both who we reach and the quality of the arts learning experiences we offer? And how can those partnerships serve to strengthen communities?