Sunday, April 17, 2016, 4:00pm


Adams House Pool Theatre

Presented by: Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club
Tickets: Free
How to get tickets: Email for tickets.
Runs: 4/15-17

“You’re one of them. And you took her. And you’re using her, and you’re not her. I know my own daughter. And I want you to leave.”
It is the end of the world. For all we know, Maggie is the only woman left. Except for her daughter Cora. But whether she can still be considered human is up for debate.
Chalk is a two-woman play focusing on a mother-daughter relationship that is slightly altered by a minor demonic possession. What happens when someone or rather, some’thing’, is privy to your closest relative’s memories? How do you reconcile a lifetime’s worth of past history within one conversation? And how far will a mother go to save what is left of her daughter?
This play takes place in an immersive in-the-round setting that centers the audience at the heart of a struggle between two strong female characters.

Written by Walt McGough
Directed by Sean Hardy ’16
Produced by Ian Power ’18

Run time: 1 hour with no intermission.

Cora … Olivia Miller
Maggie … Hanna Psychas

Assistant Director: Michaela Kane
Tech Director: Trevor Mullin
Set Designer: Trevor Mullin
Sound Designer: Max Schaffer
Costume Designer: Hanna Psychas
Properties Designer: Carla Troconis and Casey Goggin
Fight Choreographer: Danielle Lessard
Movement Designer: Abby Alter
Hair/Makeup Designer: Zoë Burgard
Poster Designer: Lance Katigbak