Dance Credit Courses


Harvard Dance Center, 60 Garden Street

Music 12A. The Harvard Dance Project. AUDITIONS: September 3 & 8, 3-6 PM (during shopping week)

Music 105r. The Fundaments of Improvisation and Composition: Dance. AUDITIONS: Enrollment determined by audition September 2 & 4, 3-5 PM (during the first week of class). Minimal dance experience required.

Music 12A. The Harvard Dance Project

Jill Johnson, Dance Director & Senior Lecturer
Full course (fall and spring terms). Tues/Thurs 3-6 PM. Harvard Dance Center.

The Harvard Dance Project cultivates invention and fosters the courage of artistry. This faculty-led, performance company gives students the opportunity to be original cast members and collaborators in two or more diverse dance works created by preeminent professional choreographers. The project focuses on performance research, collaboration, choreographic composition, and links choreographic thinking to other fields. It is a studio-based course which includes at least 12 performances at major venues on campus. Enrollment determined by audition during the first week of class. Dance experience required.

AUDITIONS: (during shopping week) September 3 & 8, 3-6 PM, Harvard Dance Center

Remember the choreography Beyonce ripped off for "Countdown"? Perform the real deal: Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker's "Rosas Danst Rosas" – Work with Silas Reiner, Cunningham expert and dancer – create your own Cunningham-based piece & perform in the galleries of the ICA in Boston – Perform at the VES as part of the Josiah McEhleny exhibition – Be in an original piece made for you by Francesca Harper and Jill Johnson – Guest lectures and visits to Harvard Museums, Woodberry Poetry Room!

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Music 105r. The Fundaments of Improvisation and Composition: Dance

Jill Johnson, Dance Director & Senior Lecturer Half course (fall term). Wed/Fri 3-5 PM. Harvard Dance Center.

A dance course that explores fundamental skills of improvisation and composition. Using wide-ranging musical styles, experimentation, problem solving, and an equal curiosity about both success and failure — this course investigates the processes of analytical and intuitive decision making in the dancing body. Students will learn a series of specific physical tasks, tools, and systems taught through intensive exercises, guided improvisations and rigorous real-time composition. Physical research and written work in the course connect dance to architecture, the visual arts, mathematics, philosophy, science, theater, and literature in ways which link the mind and body to innovation. Enrollment determined by audition during the first week of class. Minimal dance experience required.

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