Credit Courses in Dance

Harvard Dance Project student in movement on stage with dramatic lighting and time clock in the background.

FALL 2020

Latinx Movement Practice (TDM149) - New Course! 
Laura Rodriguez, Lecturer in Dance, TDM
Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 6-8:45pm ET
Description A warm invitation to get up, connect with our bodies, and move together after a long day of zooming. Latinx Movement Practice rigorously explores the social and communal Latin Diaspora of movement, migration, and music from Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. The course is taught with a blend of English, Spanish, and Spanglish. 

Together we will investigate and deepen our use of horizontal and vertical weight, isolations, polycentric movements, and hip whining techniques. We will weave a survey of the history, art, and literature from the Latinx experience through an embodied experience while fostering our virtual community. LROD (el rod) will facilitate Latinx Movement Practice with radical tenderness to embrace deeper states of power, awareness, and energetic alignment during movement rituals for heightened connectivity, and restorative power. ¡Vamos a Bailar! No previous Latin movement experience is needed to enroll. Read more 

Street Dance Activism: Embodying Liberation Through Somatic Practices and Rituals of Breath (TDM 181B) –New Course! 
Teacher: Shamell Bell, Lecturer on Somatic Performance and Contemporary Global Performance, TDM
Meeting Time: Fridays, 12-2:45pm ET
Description: Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." – Audre Lord

In this participatory hybrid course, we explore the creation and implementation of Street Dance Activism as a Co-choreographic somatic[1] healing modality, and form of spiritual transcendence, through participating in the Global Dance Meditation for Black Liberation and deeply engaging with The Ritual of Breath is the Rite to Resist[2]. Street Dance Activism’s 28 Day Global Dance Meditation features embodied meditation & movement sessions led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color + Queer guides from multiple wisdom traditions and healing practices. We are honored to have Street Dance Activism community organizers and guides as featured guest speakers throughout the course. It takes 28 days to change a habit, so imagine if we took 28 days to focus on our liberation. Liberation not only as a single entity, but as a global, collective consciousness. Black liberation is your liberation, and your liberation is Black liberation. Read more

The Garden (ARTS 20) - New Course! 
Cross-registered: AFVS, Music, TDM
Claire Chase (Music)
Jill Johnson (Theater, Dance & Media)
Karthik Pandian (Art, Film, and Visual Studies)
Makeda Best (Harvard Art Museums)
Vincent Brown (African and African American Studies)
Dan Byers (Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts)
Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 12-2:45PM ET 
Course Website 
DescriptionThe Garden is a transdisciplinary arts collective, co-taught by faculty mentors in music, visual art, and dance, along with resident artists, scholars, and curators. Our contemporary world offers distinct challenges and opportunities for artists as makers, scholars, and local and global citizens. We believe transdisciplinary learning equips students with the critical tools, awareness, and perspectives needed for thinking and action. This course is for students who seek to imagine new alternatives, to push the critical and scholarly boundaries of their creative practice, and to expand their artistic inquiry in a collegial, rigorous, and lively environment. Each faculty mentor works with a cohort of five students, providing regular, sustained one-on-one mentorship to develop their practice. All three faculty, their student cohorts, residents, and guests hold frequent convivial gatherings to share and receive feedback on work, collaborate, improvise and dialogue in the spirit of dynamic exchange. Read more 


Contemporary Repertory: Dance Authorship in the 21st Century  (TDM 145B)
Deconstructing a Novel for Choreographic Thinking (TDM 147)
Fundaments of Improvisation & Composition, Dance (TDM 140R)
Gaga People: Movement Language (TDM 143)
Gaga Dancers: Movement Language (TDM 143B)
Hip Hop Dance: Exploring the Groove and the Movement Beneath and Beyond the Beat (TDM 149U)
Poetry in Flux - Dance Afoot (COMPLIT 119)
Repertoire for Advanced Dancers (TDM 145A)
Motion for Performers (TDM 148) 
Movement Lab (TDM 141)
Master Work: The Choreographic Process of William Forsythe (Music 103r)
Modern Motion: 100 Years of American Dance (Freshperson Seminar 31x)
Practical Tools for Presence: Countertechnique and Dramaturgical Thinking (TDM 142)
Performing Culture: Exploring Identity and Power Through Hip Hop Dance (TDM 149UB)
Production Studio: Harvard Dance Project (TDM 90DR)

These courses are offered on a semester-to-semester basis, depending on the academic year. 


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Photo: Katherine Hairston '22 in Bill T. Jones' "Story/Time" (excerpt), Spring 2019. Photo by Liza Voll. 

Image Description: A student dancer in mid-movement on a darkly lit stage during a performnce, lit by blue stage lighting. She is wearing gray pants and a navy blue long sleeve shirt. The stage has white tape creating a grid. In the background is a neon green digital clock that reads 00:01:55.