West African Dance





Level: All levels
Instructor: Joh Camara 
Accompanist: Akili Jamal Haynes and Sory Diabate 
An introduction to traditional West African dance and culture adapted for the small space. Students will develop body strength and flexibility by learning intricate feet patterns, hand movements, and full movement sequences. Each class will be accompanied by live drumming and will include a warm-up, a break-down of the movements, high energy dancing, and will close with a virtual community dance circle. 
Days/Time: W, 6-7pm ET; Sat, 1-2pm ET
What you’ll need: A minimum cleared space of 3’x3’ of hard flooring. Carpet not recommended. 
Suggested attire: Something comfortable to move in, e.g. dance/yoga/workout wear. Bare feet recommended.



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