The Parts of a Tea Set - Online





Dates: January 26 – April 13 (12 classes)Teapot on stand, blues, purples, flower pattern made by Ruth Easterbrook.
Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6:30 – 9:00pm ET on Zoom
Level: Beginning - Advanced
Instructor: Ruth Easterbrook

Course Description: What makes up a tea set? Vessel forms with a range of shapes, edges, lips, and feet as well as handles, spouts, and lids. Over the course of the spring session, we will break down and research the different parts of a tea set using a range of hand building techniques. Through guided projects you will gain the skills to build the many components for your very own tea set. Ruth Easterbrook will use the Zoom class time to share slideshows, demonstrations with multiple camera angles, and provide a welcome environment for discussions and active problem solving, all of which you can revisit through the recording saved on the Google Classroom platform.

Materials List:
Basic Pottery Tool Kit

Additional tools you may consider:

  • Serrated metal rib or scoring tool or fork (if you don’t have a serrated metal rib – Ruth will also demonstrate how to make your own!)
  • X-acto knife (that will be used for clay only)
  • Variety of brushes for ceramic application
  • Cup for water
  • Board for your working area (Hardi-board, masonite-board, dry-wall or even stiff cardboard).

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  • Harvard College Undergraduate Students: Currently enrolled students at Harvard College. This does not include Harvard Extension School Undergraduate Students. You must register with your Harvard email – we can arrange for an alternative email to be used for class after registration is complete.
  • Harvard Graduate Students: Currently enrolled students in a Harvard University Graduate Program. This does not include Harvard Extension School Graduate Students or Harvard University Doctoral Candidates.


All registered students will receive a confirmation with class syllabus, link to the Zoom meeting and a link to the Google Classroom one week prior to the start date.


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  • For questions regarding registration, purchase of tools and materials, please contact Administrative Coordinator, Ji-Eun Kim.
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