Skills for Singing





Dates: Beginning February 2
Days/Times: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Eschen
Location: Virtual
For further information: Contact instructor Elizabeth Eschen

Course description: Skills for Singing is a  co-curricular, non-credit, no-fee course offering training in fundamental skills for singing: ear training, sight-reading, and vocal technique.  In this new online format, the class will have two meeting times a week. Tuesdays will feature lessons in music theory and vocal pedagogy, and Thursdays will be a singing studio class, with vocal exercises, repertoire, and class performances. Students will be given vocal assignments and will need to have a space to practice and make some sounds. 

Through this work together, students will develop two important skill-sets: 1.) familiarity and understanding of the language of Western notation and 2.) awareness and celebration of their own unique instrument and personal artistry.  Participation in the course is encouraged for those new to singing,  students planning to audition for one of the Harvard Choruses or other Harvard vocal ensembles, and any singer looking to further their vocal knowledge & abilities.


NOTE: The class will cap at 15 students, with 10 of those spaces reserved for undergraduate students. This lottery will conclude on Friday night, January  22nd, at 11:59pm. You will find out on Monday, January 25th if you are in the class or on the waiting list.


 If you’d like to be put in the lottery for this course, you can do so here