Sculptural Ideas in Paper Construction II





Dates: July 23 - August 13Paper Sculpture
Days/Times: Thursdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm (EST)
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Instructor: Claudia Olds Goldie


Course descriptionMake the most out of the time away from the Ceramics Program by exploring paper as a sculptural medium. This class will build on the skills learned in session one, but students from all levels may join the class to learn about paper mache, paper mache clay, tissue paper sculpture, homemade silicone molds, casting and embossing.  Students will view virtual demos, engage in class discussions, and have group and individual critique sessions. (4 weeks)

  Suggested Materials List: 

·       Roll of Builder's Paper or Red Rosin Paper* (from Home Depot or any hardware store) 

·       Scissors

·       Copy paper or any scrap paper

·       Elmer’s Glue

·       Scotch Tape, painters tape, or masking tape

  Optional Materials:

·       Glue Gun

·       14 ply Chipboard, Bristol board, cardboard, heavy weight paper (cereal boxes, pasta boxes or any packaging material will work as well!)

·       X-acto knife and blades

·       Joint Compound**

*Builders paper or red rosin paper come in large rolls from Home Depot or any hardware store in the paint department).  Red rosin paper is a little pulpier that builders paper and tears easily, so it works well for paper mache.  Builders paper is more like a very thin cardboard.  Both will work fine for cutting, folding, building, and paper mache.

**Don’t buy this before the class starts.   We’ll discuss what it’s used for.

Optional Materials:


Note: The course fee covers instruction only. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own clay or a clay substitute such as homemade salt dough.

If you would like to buy clay from the Harvard Ceramics Studio, please email Ji Eun Kim directly at Note: This clay does not come with firing. We do hope to offer firing services in the future.

We have available for pick-up:

  • 25 lbs. Amherst Brown Stoneware – Cone 10 $25.00
  • 25 lbs. Amherst White Stoneware – Cone 10 $25.00
  • 25 lbs. Amherst T1 Sculpture Clay – Cone 10 $25.00
  • 25 lbs. Amherst Porcelain – Cone 10 $35.00

You may also consider ordering from a local supplier (Sheffield Pottery, Amherst Pottery Supply or Portland Pottery). Clay work produced in this class may be bisque and glaze-fired at the Ceramics Program at a future date, provided that you register for the semester that coincides with the re-opening of the Ceramics Program studio (TBD).


Course Fees: Free for Harvard College Undergraduate Students, $120 for Harvard Graduate Students, Harvard Employees and Adult Community.

  • Adult Community: General Public; Harvard alumni, fellows, Extension School students, and faculty/staff who are not TAP-eligible; students from universities other than Harvard
  • Harvard Employees eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): TAP regular (employees worked less than 15 years) and TAP long service (employees who worked 15 or more years at Harvard). Summer Session 1 will not be applying TAP.
  • Harvard College Undergraduate Students: Currently enrolled students at Harvard College. This does not include Harvard Extension School Undergraduate Students
  • Harvard Graduate Students: Currently enrolled students in a Harvard University Graduate Program. This does not include Harvard Extension School Graduate Students or Harvard University Doctoral Candidates.

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For questions regarding course content, policies or materials, please contact Director, Kathy King at

For questions regarding registration, please contact Administrative Coordinator, Ji-Eun Kim at

Location: Zoom