Relief Printmaking





Fall Relief PrintmakingSession 2: October 28 – December 9 (6 classes)*

Day/Times: Wednesdays, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (EST)

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Instructor: Deighton Abrams


Explore the process of composing and carving relief blocks at home. Relief printmaking on blocks of linoleum and contemporary alternatives is a subtractive process, where the remaining surface area of the relief block can be inked and printed. The resulting block will not only be able used to print onto paper, but can also be impressed into clay or printed onto a clay form with ceramic slips and underglaze. Additional applications to other materials such as stationary and fibers will be explored as well. Guest instructor Darrah Bowden will share her process of using relief blocks onto plaster to create decorative clay slabs.

With your registration, you will receive access to a Harvard Google Classroom which will feature recordings of each class. In the case you miss a class or would like to review, these recordings will be available for 30 days after the end of the course.


** Session 2: Class will be held on Nov. 11 on Veteran's Day but there will be no class on November 25th for Thanksgiving Break.


Suggested Materials List:

Link to complete materials list and prices at Blick here.


List consists of:
1 - Speedball Lino Cutter Set

1 - Speedball Water-Based Block Printing Ink, Black 2.5oz

1(or more) - Speedball Water-Based Block Printing Ink, Alternate color of student’s choosing 2.5 oz

1 - Speedball Soft Rubber Brayer 4”

1 - Speedball Speedy Carve Block 3”x4”

3 - Blick Battleship Gray Mounted Linoleum Block 4”x5”

5 (potentially more)- Sheets of Thai Kozo Paper, 25”x 37” 35 gsm


Optional items or items from around the house:

-Scissors for cutting paper

-Flat, untextured surface approximately 8x10” (acrylic, glass, plastic, aluminum foil) to roll and mix ink

-Blick Economy Barren or large wooden spoon

-Rives BFK paper or other rigid paper of your choice for books and stationary

-Speedball Block Printing Ink or Screenprinting Ink for fibers transfer

-PVA Binding Glue

-Lineco Acid-Free Binder's Board

-Book Binding Fabric



We have available for pick-up:

25 lbs. Amherst Brown Stoneware – Cone 10 $25.00

25 lbs. Amherst White Stoneware – Cone 10 $25.00

25 lbs. Amherst T1 Sculpture Clay – Cone 10 $25.00

25 lbs. Amherst Porcelain – Cone 10 $35.00

25 lbs. Standard Terra Cotta 103 (without grog) – Cone 04 $35.00

10 lbs. Plaster – $10.00

1 Gallon Slip Cast Cone 6 Porcelain Clay - $12.00


If you would like to buy clay from the Harvard Ceramics Studio, please email Ji Eun Kim directly at


You may also consider ordering from a local supplier (Sheffield Pottery, Amherst Pottery Supply or Portland Pottery) but you will need to provide documentation of the clay body and firing range.



Local, egistered students are welcome to drop off, fire and glaze your ceramic work through the Harvard Ceramics program. We charge .03 cents per cubic inch for all firings (bisque and glaze). We offer electric kiln (Cone 06 for bisque, 6 for glaze), high fire reduction and soda vapor firings (Cone 10). Specialty firing temperatures can be arranged. At the end of each session, you will be invoiced for the cost of your firings.


Course Fees: Free for Harvard College Undergraduate Students, $300 for Harvard Graduate Students, Harvard Employees and Adult Community.

  • Adult Community: General Public; Harvard alumni, fellows, Harvard Extension School students, and faculty/staff who are not TAP-eligible; students from universities other than Harvard
  • Harvard Employees eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): TAP regular (employees worked less than 15 years) and TAP long service (employees who worked 15 or more years at Harvard). We will not be able to accept TAP for Fall 2020.
  • Harvard College Undergraduate Students: Currently enrolled students at Harvard College. This does not include Harvard Extension School Undergraduate Students. You must register with your Harvard email – we can arrange for an alternative email to be used for class after registration is complete.
  • Harvard Graduate Students: Currently enrolled students in a Harvard University Graduate Program. This does not include Harvard Extension School Graduate Students or Harvard University Doctoral Candidates.

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