Hip Hop





Level: All levels
Instructor: Tarikh Campbell
Hip hop is a culture created by Black and Hispanic youngsters in The Bronx, NY during the 70s. It is composed of four pillars: DJing, Breaking (also called break dancing), Graffiti, and MCing. During the 80s, a new dance style emerged from the New York party scene called "party dance," which is today known more commonly as hip hop dance. Adapted for a small space, this class will explore the basic elements of freestyle hip hop dance, from the bounce and rock to the party dances built on top of them. Students will be coached on how to interpret music through their movements and exercise creativity to develop their unique style. 
Day/Time: M, 7-8pm EST
What you’ll need: A minimum cleared space of 3’x3’ of hard flooring. 
Suggested attire: Something comfortable to move in, e.g. dance/yoga/workout wear. Bare feet or sneakers recommended.


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