Figure Drawing at Currier





Dates: February 12-April 29, 2020
Days/Times: Wednesdays, 7-9:30 pm 
(Note: No class on March 18 due to Spring Recess)
Level: All levels welcome

InstructorHeddi Siebel

Course description: Drawing from the human figure is an enjoyable path through which to explore the cultural context of one’s own world. Students in this class will look differently at the remarkable ‘everyday’ through the poses by a diverse group of clothed and unclothed models. Using simple materials—charcoal and erasers, pencils, ink and brushes on paper—students’ will see their ideas evolve into “drawn” language. Specific classroom exercises focus on visual analysis and the skills needed for expressive 2D form such as line, tone, mass and illusionistic space. Frequent individual attention helps students personalize their creative thinking. As in any practice, the more one draws the more comfortable one becomes with the materials and processes. It does not assume any prior experience or that one will become an artist but it prepares all to do stronger work in fields that depend upon creative thinking.    

Class limited to 15 (12 undergraduates, 3 graduate students).
Location: Currier House "Tree House" (Radcliffe Quadrangle, 64 Linnaean Street)