Contemporary II/III





Level: II/III
Instructor: Nailah Randall-Bellinger
Accompanist: Allison Stamiris 
These Saturday classes will concentrate on the exploration of movement quality, the creative process, and theoretical concepts of classical modern dance. While the course is based in the Lester Horton technique, other forms of classical modern dance will be referenced, including Martha Graham, Jose Limón, and Katherine Dunham techniques. The primary focus will be proper body alignment, quality of movement, phrasing, and dynamics. The class challenges dancers to explore their own range of motion as they perform dynamic movement studies of the various modern techniques. The class will provide a supportive environment that will encourage each dancer to move freely and safely. Students will be encouraged to express their artistic individuality with confidence as the grow more comfortable the their acquired broad verbal and movement vocabulary. Previous foundational dance training encouraged.
Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1 
Days/Time: Sa 11:30am-1pm

Attire: Workout/dance wear or anything comfortable to move in and bare feet or socks. 

See also: Dance, Co-curricular