Level: All levels
Instructor: Nailah Randall-Bellinger
Accompanist: Allison Stamiris  
Adapted for the small space, an introduction to the fundamentals of classical Modern dance technique that shows its evolution into what is now called Contemporary dance. Students are introduced to the basic vocabulary of Graham, Horton and Limón techniques, including such terms as the c-curve, undulation, lateral arch, fall and rebound, spiraling, release swing, and contract and release. The use of the torso and working in a way that is “grounded” are emphasized as defining modern dance movement qualities.
Day/Time: Sat, 11:15am-12:15pm ET
What you’ll need: A minimum cleared space of 3’x3’ of flooring. 
Suggested attire: Something comfortable to move in, e.g. dance/yoga/workout wear. Bare feet recommended.


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