Contemporary I





Level: All levels
Instructor: Lonnie Stanton
An introduction to Contemporary dance movement techniques developed in the 1970’s to the present day, for all levels of experience. The classes will explore dynamic alignment and efficiency of movement by first warming the body with attention to structure and fluidity in the joints. Tasks and movement phrases will help students explore the body’s relationship to gravity, space, and weight while moving on and out of the floor. Emphasis is placed on building a cerebral toolkit for approaching dance phrasework and improvisation, while increasing awareness of the body in the classes and for daily life. The classes also aim to develop aesthetic discernment and the capacity for play. No previous dance experience necessary.
Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1
Days/Time: T 7:30-9pm

Attire: Workout/dance wear or anything comfortable to move in and bare feet or socks. 


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