Contemporary I: Countertechnique - New!

Dates: Feb 7-April 27
Days/Times: T 7:30-9:00pm; Th 6:00-7:30pm
Level: I
Instructor: Joy Davis
Countertechnique is a system of movement designed by esteemed Dutch choreographer, Anouk Van Dijk. The technique offers a dynamic dance practice that focuses on directing and counter-directing the body through space so that each participant can develop authentic, sincere and unique movement vocabularies – tools that Van Dijk believes will prepare the dancing body and mind for negotiating demanding dance practices in the 21st century.  Scale, risk-taking, fluidity, strength and flexibility are skills this course aims to expand. The class will be builidng on new concepts week to week, therefore, studets are encouraged to register to take this as a twice-a-week class. If only once-a-week is possible, students are encouraged to take the Tuesday class. 
Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1 (HDC 1), 66 Garden St.

Attire: Workout/dance wear or anything comfortable to move in and bare feet. Street shoes are NOT allowed in any studio. 
Note: No class on Tuesdays February 14 or March 14, and no class on Thursday, March 16, for Harvard Spring Break. Make-up classes will be held on April 25 and April 27. 





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