Cardio-Sculpting Workout





Dates: Sept 13-Nov 15
Days/Times: W 6:00-7:30pm
Level: All levels
Instructor: Sarah Speltz
This course will provide a cardio-dance and strength workout through various fitness formats. Dance choreography will be inspired by Latin, hip-hop, house, and contemporary styles and be set to multiple different types of music. Each class will include a warm-up, isolations, intense cardio dancing, and a cool-down which leads to bodyweight resistance training for sculpting lean muscle and a strong core. No prior experience necessary.
Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 2 (HDC 2), 66 Garden St.

Attire: Workout wear or anything comfortable to move in. Students may wear socks or sneakers with socks pulled over the sneakers. Please bring a yoga mat or towel for floor work. Street shoes are NOT allowed in any studio. 


See also: Dance, Co-curricular