Resident Artist Program

About the Program

Next jury process will be available in February 2022.
Eligible applicants must have extensive experience in the field of ceramics.
Residencies range from 2 to 4 years and begin in September.
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The Resident Artist Program offers

  • 7-day studio access every day the studio is open and in operation, unless otherwise noted.
  • Access to Ceramics Studio common workspace and equipment
  • All utilities, heat, air conditioning, water, electricity
  • Opportunity to learn about all aspects of Ceramics              
  • Participation in many of the studio events and academic collaborations.
  • Personal studio space (60 sq. ft.)
  • Exhibition/sales opportunities in Gallery 224
  • Upon approval, the ability to fire kilns independently: 85 Cu. Ft. downdraft natural gas, 35 Cu. Ft. natural gas Soda Vapor kiln, 30 Cu. Ft. natural gas Bailey Shuttle Reduction kiln and 10 Electric kilns
  • Access to photography equipment and set-up. (camera excluded)
  • Website visibility
  • Technical consultation

 Expectations of Resident Artists

  • Studio rental fee does not include classes, workshops, firing, access to the clay and glaze materials, nor does it include janitorial service; individuals are responsible for keeping their rental space, hallways, and common areas clean.
  • Individuals must be fully enrolled in the Ceramics Program during their residency. This enrollment covers the above.
  • Must be advanced and able to work independently and are responsible for processing their work, have passed the Materials Room, Electric Kiln tests and have experience loading and unloading the studio’s kilns.
  • All applicants for a Resident Artist space should be able to demonstrate their ability to fire the kiln in which they process their work and arrange for training and certification if needed.
  • Rental amount due every 6 months.
  • Only one applicant to a space. Sub-letting allowed with approval.
  • Individuals are required to maintain a reasonable level of activity (average of 10 hours per week.)
  • Must reprocess and store all their clay.
  • Must store their glazes in their rental space.
  • Give one presentation/demonstration during their Resident Artist time.
  • Participate in the Show and Sales on any level.
  • Contribute time to the Ceramics Program community when needed. Example: helping with workshops and academic and non-academic studio events.
  • Have read, accept understand and will adhere to the Ceramics Program Safety and Studio Guidelines.