Wyclef Jean stands on his head for Cultural Rhythms 2010

by Lingbo Li

Artist of the Year, Haitian musician and record producer Wyclef Jean, stole the show at Saturday's Cultural Rhythms, the Harvard Foundation 25th annual cultural show and food festival that celebrates diversity. Between each of the student performances - a variety that included singing groups, instrumental groups, Asian-American, Indian intertribal and Irish step dancing and socially aware spoken word - Wyclef cracked a stream of jokes, did a headstand on Sanders stage and jammed on guitar with students.The artist opened the show with a multi-lingual freestyle to cheers from the audience. Midshow, he was presented with his Artist of the Year plaque by Dr. S. Allen Counter and Evelynn M. Hammonds, director of the Harvard Foundation and dean of Harvard College, respectively.In response, Wyclef first mimed how he would react in a dream - by jumping up and down and fist pumping - before launching in a serious speech about the importance of fundraising and rebuilding Haiti.While the musician hosted the afternoon show, he did make an appearance at the night show, which was presented by Jonathan Figueroa '10 and Erinn Westbrook '10. Between the afternoon and night performances, student cultural groups set up an international Food Festival in the Science Center where trays of Colombian empanadas were available along with Japanese takoyaki and Buglarian baklava.